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Vise Grip Pain
I hope someone can help.  I'm 49 y.o. woman in generally good health.  3 months ago and again last night I experienced the following - oncoming pain.  Starts in upper middle back - feels like the size of a fist and is very tight and sharp.  Extends between the shoulder blades like a slash.  Then I experience a vise-like grip in my throat from under chin to breastbone.  The back pain then encircles my chest like a tighting steel band.  I then get a vise-like clamping pain between my breasts.  Pain starts low then escalates in several waves.  Final wave gets to the point that I feel if it escalates anymore I will pass out from the pain.  Then experience subsiding waves of pain.  Entire severe episodes last approx. 40-50 minutes.   1st time - lingering tightness in the heart for 6 hours and they gave me nitro which immediately relieved the tightness.  2nd time - no lingering chest tightness.

Have had 2 CAT's for heart and stress test - nothing.  Both times blood work showed elevation for clotting.  But both ER doctors just sent me home.  2nd doctor prescribed Protonix but I do not experience any acid stomach/esophogus problems leading up to or during episodes or ever.

Have also had a few similar experiences during the intervening 3 months but episodes haven't gotten full blown like the 2 major ones.  Any suggestions appreciated.  Seeing primary care dr next week.
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