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Vitamin D deficient, Can Taking Adderall or Adderall XR deplete the "D"
Vitamin D deficient,  Can Taking Adderall or Adderall XR deplete the "D"????    I have been taking a very strong dose of Adderall XR for a little over a year 60mg twice a day (2 - 30mg tablets twice a day).  Apparently that would keep most people rocking around the clock.  Nurses eyes bug out of their head when they see the prescription. In the past 2 years have gotten to enjoy going through a BK7, Divorce, and some family issues.  I never thought of myself as depressed, but definitely have experienced lower motivation and heard friends/co-workers say I've been a little different.   I got the blood work back an never knew this was such a big issue.  I am taking a 3 month mega dose of "D" and am a week into it.  I do feel  better the day after I take it.  however, it doesn't last.  I am worried that the if the adderall soaks it up that i might stay in an unhealthy cycle.
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