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What are mesenteric lymph nodes made of?
I just got a biopsy for enlarged mesenteric lymphnodes. After, i got a call from the doctor's office. They said they have good and bad news. the good news is that it did not show cancer. the bad news that all that it did not show anything, all that was in the specimen was muscle and fat. Is it possible that this means they didn't get a good specimen? I don't understand how this can be if I have (stated on CT) several enlarged lymph nodes in mid and upper abdomen ranging (and he pointed out one specifically 1.5 cm along the anterior portion of the IVC) and they said several also locally (which I don't know specifically what that means;if you could define that) ranging up to 2cm. This was my greatest fear and it doesn't make sense to me! Is it possible. I also got the CT in the first place cause I am in a lot of pain in my pelvic area, I have what is defined as explosive diarea, nausea, no vomiting and I am tired so much of the time and also have other symptoms but this has been going on for a while-since about Aug as well as the enlarged nodes. I had an illeostomy for 5 years from a subtotal colectomy (2007) I had (the result of adhesions suffocating my large intestines from a radical hysterectomy due to cervical cancer in 1996)

This recent CT also showed "mild bowel lumen dialation" at the site of the reversal, which I don't know, either, what it is. Anyhow I guess my most important question would be if this result from the biopsy of the enlarged mesenteric nodes could come out that way? If they just didn't get a good specimen? I actually had to do it 2x and the first time they used a CT and someone from the lab was there. But I was told that they didn't put me to sleep completely and I woke up screaming in pain. The 2nd time was with the same doctor different hospital, not only did they not have anyone from the lab but the also used a sonogram instead of the CT. I WAS NOT TOLD OF THESE CHANGES AND I THINK IT COMPRIMISED THE WORK. THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT MAYBE WAITING BUT 2wks ago it was of urgency and without any new information they are now thinking to wait. They are implying that it may have just been difficult to reach but to get this biopsy with the CT I heard them talk about having a straight shot. Ice been tested for
H. Pylori, c diff, etc. had both an endoscopy and a colonoscopy and aside a few unrelated things, nothing was clear as to why, the swollen nodes. My doctor suggested even Castleman's disease. I'm confused and wondering even if lymphnodes have fat or muscle? Also if I should get a second opinion now or wait and at this point what kind of dr do I go to for a 2nd opinion?... An interventional radiologist and repeat the biopsy? Please help!
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