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What could this be?

Hi there, I joined this forum hopefully to gain some insight on something that has been bothering me.

Background: I am a healthy, active 22-year-old, no past medical history whatsoever only hx appendectomy & tonsillectomy in 2008/2009. I eat regular healthy meals 3x daily with a little snack every now and then and I exercise regularly at the gym and through sports / activities. I am a nonsmoker, do not do drugs and drink only occasionally on the weekends. I am not taking any medication regularly save for Birth Control pill, which I've been on for 5 months now.

Anyway, yesterday I woke up feeling particularly weak, shaky, lightheaded and cold. I got into a warm shower and soon experienced more lightheadedness, blurred vision followed by the inability to see at all, a racing heart rate, and a lot of nausea. I had to get out of the shower and lie back down in bed until I could see again. When lying down, I felt like the room was spinning and to me it sounded like someone had turned a faucet on full-blast although there was really no sound. My right calf also experienced some numbness with pins-and-needles sensation like it was falling asleep... This lasted about 10 minutes. When I felt a little better, I tried again this time with the shower water cooler. After no more than 2 minutes, the same thing happened so I had to get out again. Same symptoms when I lied down again. This time, before getting back in, I forced myself to eat a piece of toast, an apple, and an egg and waited 5 more min before getting back in and trying a cool shower again. AGAIN it happened, same thing. I got in the last time and had to sit down a couple times in the shower because I couldn't see to wash myself and felt like I was going to fall.

The entire morning I felt really nauseous, I couldn't eat anything else all day I felt like I was going to throw up and I was kind of shaky but able to function.

I've had this happen in the shower before, and I normally attribute it to orthostatic hypotension, so I thought it would help when I turned down the heat in the shower. . . but when it didn't I thought maybe I was hypoglycemic so I ate something, but still no effect. When this has happened in the past, it usually resolves itself quickly, and I just experience the temporary lightheadedness and dizziness in the shower and it goes away and I feel fine. I've never had any of these other symptoms before. .

Sorry for the rambling, I'm just a little scared. It's keeping me up all night and I can't help but worry about it happening again -- I'm scared to shower when I get up in the morning. Any insight at all is appreciated. Is it worth going to a clinic to get checked out, or is this something common & treatable ? I haven't yet asked any Doctors (I work in the emergency dept at the hospital) as I'm a little embarrassed about it. .

Thanks in advance!
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Why on earth would you be embarrassed about it?

I had the same thing with the shower. On one occasion I tried turning down the heat and it was ok for a while. However everytime I turned back to the shower and the cold flow of water hit the nape of my neck (it's a powerful shower) I'd feel weak again and almost fall to my knees. Like the bundle of nerves from my brain down would get irritated somehow. Weird. But then my medical history for the past few years has been a mystery. Have had 3 head scans now and nothing. Unless you count my brain tumor!! LOL. And they resolutely say it isn't causing my symptoms. Go figure.

Get it seen to and good luck.
Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
It could be due to claustrophobia in the shower. It could also be due to panic attack, due to some unexplained reason, that happens in shower only. Cognitive behavior therapy can help find the root cause. Get your blood pressure checked, and also get it assessed whether you have cervical spondylitis with nerve compression or not. You work at an emergency center which is an advantage. There is no need to feel embarrassed as this is a genuine problem. Take care!
Hello I agree with Fred that you need to have it checked out.  If you've had it before, it is possible that whatever the cause then, is now being exacerbated by your birth control pills or the problem has worsened.  Birth control pills can cause some really weird symptoms sometimes.  Make sure you are getting up slowly, eating 6 smaller meals daily to help keep your blood sugar regulated, sit down in the shower like you did this time when it happens, and be very cautious when walking or driving. Please make an appointment and go see your doctor ASAP.  Good Luck and God Bless!
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