When I'm hungry, I feel sick
by Alianae, Jun 07, 2006
Many times when my body's hungry, I feel sick. It's a very weird feeling, and hard to describe. It kind of feels like nausea, but not quite. The feeling is in my stomach.

I noticed that if I eat something - anything - the feeling will go away immediately. I mean, anything. A single skittle can make it go away. However, if I don't eat anything and I wait a while, the feeling will go away on its own.

My husband's mother is a diabetic, and she has a very similar feeling when her blood sugar's low. But I'm not a diabetic.

This has been going on for about a year and a half now. I'm not exactly sure what it means. All I know is that when I feel sick like this, I need to eat something. Am I at risk for anything? Is there something behind this that I don't know about?
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by star queen, Jun 07, 2006
It sounds like you are not eating correctly or often enough.  Simply, your body sees food (any kind of food) as either sugar or protein.  When you eat simple sugars that absorb in the stomach, you get a "sugar spike" in the blood which makes you feel better, but it is soon gone and the body is looking for more and isn't getting it. First start eating right, and if you are, or think you are, you may be diabietic and not know it.  Get your doc to do a blood test and check it out.  Eat a better diet without skipping meals, eat less simple sugars and you should feel better.  good luck
by zzzzzzzzzz, Jun 07, 2006
I would disagree about it having to do with blood sugar levels - thats what I thought my problem was for years, but I then discovered it was actually hyperacidity - this is often temporarily relieved by eating, and then returns making you think you're hungry again when in fact you're not really - you just associate the relief with food and so the cycle goes on. I had this problem due to taking anti-inflamatories for years with no protection for my stomach. Naturally I gained quite alot of weight before the doctor guessed what was happening and put me on losec (may be a different name in your country) and the so-called hungar went away. There are a number of causes of this condition - the most common being anxiety. You need to talk to your doc about this and get treatment if neccessary.
by zzzzzzzzzz, Jun 08, 2006
I'd just like to make it clear that I'm not saying this is what you've got, but what I think you may have - I'm no doctor - just going by my own experiences. The fact that I said I dissagree, was not the best choice of words sorry. What I'm saying is just another possibility. Good Luck.
by jen023, Jun 08, 2006
I have always had the same thing happen to me when I am hungry. I even kept choc. covered peanuts with me at work and just one would instantly make me feel better. About 7 years ago, my doctor told me that I was having panic attacks due to anxiety and after reading the above post, I wonder if this is all tied together? I'm going to ask my dr. about it next time I go in. I guess I never really thought there was something wrong - but it's worth checking into.
by heart2heart, Jun 09, 2006
I get sick to my stomach when I'm hungry. I mean it feels like someone kicked me in the stomach - I get pain and nausea.
I thought maybe this could be a symptom of an ulcer.  But in any event, keeping something in your stomach so you don't get suddenly hungry like that helps. I always carry some trail mix or something with me now.
by hyepod, Jun 11, 2006
I'm not sure which one is which, but I THINK gastric ulcers often are irritated by the absence of food in the stomach, and duodenal ulcers when the stomach is full.  Of course, there are many, many causes of nausea, but this is something to think about.
by Saragirl, Jun 12, 2006
I have your same problem.Especially in the morning even if i have to wait a few minutes to eat, i feel like throwing up.What i do now, is i always carry healthy snacks on me and make sure i dont skip any meals.It may have something to do with diabetes because it runs in my family and i was just told that i had it also.I hope you dont have it.I also eat breakfast right away.