White particles and stringy, mucus discharge in urine
by pootywank, May 01, 2006
I have had white particles and a stringy, mucus like discharge in my urine. I have no burning or anything when I urinate. I am wondering if this is normal or something to worry about. There is a foul odor sometimes too.  Thanks...I hope someone can help =D
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by star queen, May 01, 2006
Cystitis/Urethritis shows with mucus in the urine along with the strong odor, usually like ammonia.  Urine is cloudy and smelly.  The white particles may be crystals being expelled by the kidney that are precursers to kidney stones.  A urinalysis and a pH to check for acidity is a good place to start.
by koner, Nov 15, 2008
I have stringy mucus and feel need to swallow it very often but sometimes can't and so i cough it up although it's not easy and find myself almost vomitting trying, its horrible and my doctor said it will pass and it happens to some people. I find this hard to believe as I've had this problem about a year. Also I have a whitish cream like discharge in my urine about once a week sometimes more, and thats not the worst. Some how I've contracted moluscum contagiosum and I wonder if all these symptoms are all related some how although my doctors says they're not. I really don't know what to do now it's driving me crazy juggling all these problems and working five days a week, I can't cope and no doctors can tell me whats wrong its worrying me sick and I'm only 21! Please if anyone out there thinks they might have an idea what the problem/s is don't hesitate to email me koner_d***@**** Thanks for your support.
by meganw2992, Aug 19, 2009
i have the white stringy things in my urine too. theres no pain and it came back negative as a UTI. I need to pee frequently, and even when I havent drank anything inbetween urination, i'll pee alot. I'm also around 6 weeks after a miscarriage and it started a week or so after that.
by Crystal280, Dec 14, 2009
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