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Whole Body Swelling
Woke up 48 hours ago with hands, face, arms, legs and feet swollen.  Hand keep going numb (feel cold to the touch), feel like a have a horrible sunburn.  Can't actually sleep, just laying. After the first day - I couldn't take it.  Went to the emergency room (8 hr visit) - they ran every test imaginable - came back with "undiagnosed swelling" and gave me a lastix - a strong water pill - told me to be close to the bathroom - it would work immediately and I'd be on the toilet for hours peeing.  Took the 1st pill 12 hours ago - 2nd pill 8 hrs ago - and 3rd pill 2 hrs ago - still no relief from the swelling.

I have 3 kids - no baby sitter.  Planning on returning to ER this evening - any suggestions ?  

Here is the MOST odd thing.  My husband woke up this morning with swollen hands and torso, irritable and with a horrible headache.

Anyone know of a virus that causes swelling ??
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