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Why do I always feel dehydrated and lightheaded?
Sorry this is long.

I am in high school, 16 years old, and ever since middle school I've felt dehydrated and lightheaded. I would be fine, then go for a run and practically pass out. I would be extremely disoriented and lightheaded after running, and thats when I thought I was just dehydrated. But I don't run anymore.

I started drinking more, but it doesn't help. I always feel dehydrated, but I never really feel thirsty. But just last week I was extremely thirsty and nothing quenched it. I get really bad head rushes to the point where everything goes black and I become extremely lightheaded, but never pass out. Lately I've been feeling very lightheaded, so I started drinking more water everyday. But when I do, my body just processes it so fast, I don't think any absorbs, I just pee it out. I always feel hot, I'm always sweating. I used to feel tired a lot, and sleep up to 14 hours/day, but I've adjusted my schedule so I'm not tired anymore. I'm borderline between underweight and normal. I eat about 2500-3000 calories/day and never gain any weight. Sometimes half of my hand gets tingly, but I think thats just anxiety. My hands are always shaking/trembling. I have a short attention span. My heart skips beats and sometimes beats really hard, not fast.

If you have ever blown up a lot of balloons for a party, etc, you know how you feel really lightheaded after? Thats how I feel a lot of the time, including right now. I've been researching and it sounds like either hyperthyroidism or diabetes. But I'm only 16.

Can anyone offer me advice as to what to do? I can't go to the doctor either until my next physical which will probably be in June or July, maybe August before school starts.
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