Worried about abnormal ENG results...light headed, nauseous...strong headaches
by sleepymoon, Jun 17, 2006
I am a 28 yr old female who has been experiencing daily light headedness, fatigue, sleepyness and nausea.  The symptoms vary in intensity thorough out the day but have been constant for the past two months.  I've had bloodwork done to check for anemia and thyroid probs and they came back ok.  I've seen an ENT who prescribed amoxicillin "in case" i had an inner ear infection and also Lorazepan for the dizziness...which only makes me sleepy.  The latest test was an ENG to test my eye movements and it came back showing mild involuntary eye movement and central abnormalities. My Dr. explained that this is sometimes a symptom of Multiple Sclerosis or Tumor.  He said he didn't want me to panic but suggested an MRI which I am having next WEdnesday.  
How am I not to panic?  Has anyone else had an abnormal ENG test?  or had the follwoing symptoms:  lightheadedness, nausea, strong daily headaches, a feeling of pressure in the head almost like your brain is expanding and running out of room?  
I just want to feel normal again!
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by zzzzzzzzzz, Jun 18, 2006
Please try not to panic. I went through similar to you with a whole lot of other MS- like symptoms - I won't go into those, but I too had headaches, dizzyness, sleepyness, nystagmus (eye movements like you describe) head pressure etc - my physician was so sure it was MS, that he prepared me for it before doing an MRI - I went through hell for 5 weeks until I got the results which were normal!. To cut a long story short, I recently had just the symptoms you describe - drove me crazy for a few weeks and so I went to an osteopath. He said "thats your neck - problems between C3 & 4 give you exactly those symptoms (including nystagmus)". I had my doubts, but he worked on that area and by the next day, it had all stopped thank god! Sadly, the problem has been around a while, so its going to take alot more treatment to stop it coming back, but I'm just so relieved to be getting help.
I'm not saying that this is whats going on with you - you need to have the tests done to make sure - but I just want you to understand that there are other possibilities that are not so nasty - I wish someone would have told me that.
by Luceroco, Jun 20, 2006
Hello there,
i feel the same thing right now..I had everything done..every test in the world!..The couldn't find anything either..I hope is a problem of the neck!...i will try to go to an Osteo...and will ask if that is my problem!
by sleepymoon, Jun 21, 2006
Thanks for your uplifting words.  These past few days haven't been as bad as my weekend.  Luckily my headaches aren't as strong but the lightheadedness and nausea are still there...
I am having my MRI today and get my results next week.  I will try my hardest to keep from going nutz! since I do know this only aggravates my problem.  I will keep you posted.
by zzzzzzzzzz, Jun 22, 2006
Please do, and best of luck.
by sleepymoon, Jun 29, 2006
Hi.... in case you come across this post again.  My MRI results came back a-ok! No signs of Tumor or MS.  Still can't figure out where my probs are comming from but it is a HUGE relief to know it's my head is ok.  I've been feeling somewhat better, less headaches but the fatiue is still there and sooooooo bothersome.
For now my Neuro recommended Xanax "just in case" it's anxiety and at this point I'll try anything.  I have scheduled an appt with a Chiro since my Neck and shoulders are constantly achey and feel uncomfortable...maybe that will help some.  We'll see....