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Worried about elevated bloodwork level
Ok, I'm a total hypochondriac, and have been struggling with several nagging issues since I started working in August.  Currently I have had some (what I think might be) scattered petechiae for about 2 months (no more than 5-6 at a time).  First surfaced in the middle of a bad cold.  I had bloodwork done at the time, which the doctor called and reported was absolutely normal.  I was given a referral to a dermatologist to figure out my spots.  I was seen for a UTI today, and got my records from my last visit for the derm.  My bloodwork values were all normal, except the MPV, which was elevated at 10.3.  With all other values normal, what could this mean?  I didn't realize this in the records until too late to call the doctor, and I'm reeeeeeally worried now.  Does anyone know what this means with all other values within normal range?  I did have one value which was at the high end of normal, and a couple at the low end of normal, but doctor did not mention any of this.

Thanks in advance!
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