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Zoning out, loss of attention, vision narrows, could this be caused by a cuncussion?
I really don't know where to ask this question, so I figured I would start here. It all started almost exactly 2 months ago, I was playing lacrosse at school and we were having a skrimage. I remember getting up from a hit and being dizzy and out of it. Slowly i started realizing that i didn't remember getting hit or the previous about 3 minutes to being hit. But i couldnt really tell because i was still very confused and couldnt tell how long it had been, so i didnt really know if i didnt remember. I dont know if that makes any sense, but it was awckward. My parents were on vacation since it was the begining of christmas break and my brother was taking care of me. By the time i got home i thought it might have actually been a cuncussion, but i was feeling better by then. I dont really know for sure if i had a cuncussion or not, because by the time i started checking for symptoms it was nearly 5 hours after. I had some but not all. Now to my real question. I don't really know if this is when it started, but from what i think ever since then i zone out a lot, lose attention, and my vision narrows sometimes. When i say i zone out and lose attention a lot i mean like 4 or 5 times a day for about 5 minutes it feels like im watching myself from a 3rd person view, i can control myself but it feels a little bit slow motion. And now when i play sports about 25% of the time that my heartrate goes up and adrenaline starts pumping my vision narrows to almost not being able to see anything but directly ahead of me, and i go into that 3rd person view. I know what normal adrenaline feels like and i know that vision narrows when you start getting adrenaline, but its much more than usual. I dont really know if this started with the cuncussion that i dont know if i really had. Is this longterm symptoms of a cuncussion? What should i do about these? Are there treatments? What is the cause of it? What kind of a doctor should i go to see about it?
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