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ankle pain
I have ankle pain in the left ankle. It is very puffy and there is no bones broken because the doctor did x-ray on the left foot two week ago. I am in a diabetic walker too.
Could there be something else wrong with my left ankle. if so what
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Ankle pain can be due to several reasons depending on the site. The simplest reason of a generalized ankle pain is sprain—like in wearing high heels, twisting your ankle etc. History of fracture to lower leg bones in the past can lead to damaged anterior tibio-fibular ligament. This results in ankle pain even after the fracture has healed.
A bony deposit or a bone growth (probably ruled out as you had an X-ray) in front of the ankle at the point where the joint capsule attaches can cause pain in front of the ankle. The pain increases on pressing the front portion of the ankle or while doing the kicking motion.
Pain on the inner side of the ankle at the attachment of tibialis posterior muscle too can cause pain when the tendon of this muscle is inflamed.
Impingement of the ankle joint between the bones of ankle and foot is another possibility.
Dislocation of peroneal muscle tendon can also cause shooting pain. Stress fractures of medial malleolus, tarsal tunnel syndrome, rupture of tendon of peroneus brevis, and sinus tarsi syndrome (pain just front of lateral malleolus on the outer side of ankle) are the other possibilities.
The clue to right treatment is right diagnosis of the cause of pain.  You can consult an orthopedic specialist or a sports medicine specialist.  Take care!
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