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asbestos and sinusitis
I am a public school teacher who moved back to South Carolina in June of this year. I came from Texas with only minor health problems associated with a surgery ten years ago so in relatively good health.

I had always had minor sinus problems in South Carolina, but this year has been the worst health I have ever experienced. I have had chronic sinusitis since October, and I mean BAD. I have been incredibly dizzy and feeling like I am going to pass out and have had to work like this in a classroom of ill-behaved children.

I even had a surgery to fix a deviated septum, and while this helped the situation (a lot--i.e. no longer feel dizzy and lightheaded), the sinus problem is still chronic-sinus drainage, coughing up phlegm, throat problems, etc.

The rub is that for a week before school started, I had to work on my room in a school that was replacing their asbestos laden floors with new tile. We were told it was no big deal, but at the same time, the workers wore masks, and the teachers who had to work in our classrooms around the asbestos being removed had no protection. Furthermore, it was another two weeks before new tile was laid in most classrooms (including mine).

Like I said, I have always had sinus problems, but it has NEVER been this bad or this long. My question is this: Can being exposed to asbestos for as little as a week cause severe chronic sinusitis lasting several months?

Please get back to me soon.


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Thanks for writing to the forum!

We have a similar discussion on MedHelp that you can refer to: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Respiratory-Disorders/Possible-asbestos-exposure/show/283481
While the work was going on apart from asbestos aerosols you would have been exposed to lot of dust and other allergens. This could be the reason for your symptoms worsening this year.
You should consult an allergy specialist and take a skin test or RAST to know what all you are allergic to. Plenty of fruits and vegetables, steam inhalation, deep breathing exercises, raising the head end of your bed etc should help you.
Hope these tips help. If symptoms persist consult an ENT specialist. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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