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blood in sperm and in urine after ejaculation
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first 3 times this happened was before I ever spoked anything

now I do 420 sometimes, maybe even the day it happened last, I don't remember. but don't think it's related based on the first few times
well after like 3 weeks of no sex everything seems to be good again.....it remains a strange phenomena if u ask me. beats  the **** out of me. I'll enjoy it while it last cuz I know it will be back someday.....but untill then LOOK OUT LADIES...nah lookout wife :)
I too think I may be suffering from this and am currently trying to get some answers.  It's all quite perplexing to me.
First of all I am 28 and in pretty decent health.  I try to eat right and am staying fit.  I actually have lost about 30 pounds in the last year after changing my diet and exercise patterns.  I feel 100% great.
However last Monday I woke up around midnight and had to pee.  When I did it was like I was peeing pure blood.  I did not see any clots or anything like that.
I went immediately to the ER.  They checked my urine.  There was no visible blood in it but they said there was a lot that they detected still.  Told me to see my doctor.
I went to doctor the next day and again, urine looked fine but tested positive for lots of blood.  I then made an appointment to see a urologist the following morning.  He performed rectal exam and touched me all over, had me pee in a cup, etc.  Said there was a little blood in it and ordered a CT scan.  Next day I had CT scan.  Everything looks normal and no more blood in my urine.
Figured it was a one time thing and went about my days.  Then last night (exactly one week from the first incident), I peed before bed and it was pure blood.
Ten minutes later I had to pee again, this time it was clear and has been clear ever since.
Now after reading on here, I realized that I had masturbated before each incident.
However, I have masturbated between the two incidents with no problems.  I did tonight too and have urinated since with no visible blood in the toilet.  What gives?
There is no blood in my sperm that I can see.  Everything feels normal, no pain.  
I am back to urologist tomorrow for a follow up and will try to post what he says about it.
sounds like you are a part of this group now. if new things are revealed please share with us. However pissing pure blood is not likely that this is the case with any of us. Pure blood is very dark. It doesnt take much blood to colour your pee red so it always looks worse than it is. And thank god that you dont have bloodcloths cuz that is the absolute worst thing there is. Not that just peeing blood is fun though.
A related discussion, Blood in Semen was started.
Hey everyone.

I've discovered that I may have this condition too.
I'm 19 yrs old and its the last thing I want to see.

What I've noticed is that the day after I've had sex, I'd go for a pee in the morning and as you all say have blood and small clots in my urine. Its happened to me twice now and its freaking scary lol!
First time was a week ago; I had sex and everything was fine; the next day I wake up and take a leak... the first thing to come out was blood. I masturbated the same night just to see how it would go then I would ejaculate blood.
So I freaked out thinking the worst and just began to drink water and lots of it. I went to pee again the following night and it was clear.

Its been a week since then and I haven't had any signs or problems until this morning. Funnily enough it was the morning after I had sex I was bleeding in my urine, the exact same way as I did the week before.
I'm curious to know what this is.
I mean I'm 19 for christ sakes! I'm at my peak of sexual activity I guess!

I've done a lot of research in to this and I basically believe its like having a blood nose but in your **** lol i mean I'm pain free and ain't suffering but... I'd like to be able to have sex when I don't have to get up in the morning to find blood all through my urine and in the my semen the next time I masturbate.

hey guys, thanks soo much for all your posts. i have the same problem and knowing that i am not along n its not deadly makes me fell so much better. i hope and pray someone finds a cure to if soon.
I have this condition too. It happened three times to me, first about three years ago, then November 2010 and last time was March 2011. There was also one time I had blood only in my urine, after having an erection (happened two days before I had blood in my sperm last time - March 2011). My partner was diagnosed with ureaplasma urrealythicum in October 2010 or so, I didn't do the tests. I had told that to my urologist and he suggested that this might be a case. Got 2 kinds of antibiotics (ureaplasma is not detectable from urine or blood) and then it was clean except microscopic traces of blood in my urine. Ultrasound turned out to be negative, as well as cytology. Still, urologist suggested a cystoscopy, so I am going in two days.  I am not very comfortable since last time it happened to me, so I am willing to do it to rule out any serious things and to sleep well again. I am 32.
Ok, I had my cystoscopy rescheduled for today and everything was fine, no serious condition inside me. Peace of mind now... Anyway, cystoscopy was nothing one should be feared of, though it was a bit unpleasant, I couldn't feel any pain at all. It's worth of doing all the test if your doc say so, just to rule out any serious condition and sleep well. Wish you guys all the best with this kind of problem...
Thanks to this website & to you all for sharing your worries about this condition. I have had this problem since 4 years ago arround 2007, just the same symtoms (symptoms) as all of you, but perhaps more blood in urin rather than blood in Sperm. However I am noticing that beside "hard sex " Alcohol also cause me this ! My question to you is : Do you feel that the combination of sex+ alcohol or only alcohol cause you this as well ??? Do you feel alcohol make it worse ? thankfull for your reply..
Definitely yes! Alcohol is something that contributes to this issue for sure, combining with ibuprofen, or aspirin against headache next day - it is the trigger.... I just stopped drinking after my last experience. Enough of this freaking nightmare... Wish you all the best.
Hey all. I've had this condition for about 4 years now. Have sex. Bloody ejaculate, urinate afterwards. LOTS of blood, urine and then the clots. Sometimes HUGE clots. The worst part is for me its almost every time. Although it has given me the chace to experiment on myself.


1. At the start of autum the problem clears up a little. Sometimes for 2 weeks sometimes a month. Then it comes back.

2. I've tried exercising, I've tried not exercising. No difference.

3. My psa is normal but I tried saw palmetto for a while. It lowered my PSA (blood test to confirm) but no change.

4. My prostate is normal. (ultrasound confirmation)

5. I once had the blood tested. Red blood cells. Not white. So no infection.

6. I have other blood problems. I can't drink even 1 glass of wine or my nose bleeds. Interestingly always from the left nostril. There are also times it will bleed just for the sake of bleeding. Beer dosent seem to make my nose bleed although I only drink small amounts.

7. I have a strange rash on my left leg. Doctors have no idea. It dosent itch and dosent change when pressed.

8. Tried sex with full bladder and empty bladder no difference.

9. tried with umm full colon and empty colon. No difference.

10. Went mad on coleslaw as i heard cabbage helps with blood problems. No change.

11. vitamin k. No change, Chelated copper (fungal?) No change. Same with garlic, magnesium, zinc, vitamin c, olive leaf extract. (the health store gives me a discount now for buying so much stuff).

12. Heat on pereneum. Ice on prerneum. Bath before sex, have sex while cold. No difference.

I wish I had answers. I don't. Apart from a long list of what dosent work. This place is bookmarked and I read it every few months.

I have one thing of note. Not one person on here seems to be suffereing from an inability to get it up. Been wondering about testosterone levels.

Good Luck all.

**** Ring. Anyone use one? I love 'em, have worn for upwards of 1-2 hours, the pain feels good. Learned today that they shouldn't be worn for more than 30min at a time. I don't do it often, but I wonder if this has contributed to my 6 "blood in semen" instances. others?
Thanks! it feels good that I am not the only one who noticed the effect of alcohol for us with this condition. Each & every single time this happens to me was after drinking alcohol and perhap many drinks, especially Vodka+Redbull... for some reason it feels that the alcohol highers the pressure!? Now I have stop drinking for weeks, I am having no problems to have sex and not bleed. Thanks God!!! Eventhough nobody on this chat seem to comment on the issue relating drinking & sex to worsening this condition, I still insist that alcohol is a major contributer! at least in my case. I recommend you all to think about it, and feed back if you notice this. Since most of us have no erection problems or other medical problems, we may perhaps find the answer by our own observations!? I was extremely frustrated when I went to the doctor the other day, made tests turned negative! no problems ! and told him about the fact that alcohol make it wors, still he dont think it's much related!!! But I know it is! wish well, may god cure us all, dont lose hope just evoid what treagers this to you
Yes I am another victim of the random blood, totally freaked me out. Let's try to figure this thing out since medical insurance is an issue for alot of people on here. Been to the doc, all is well. Gave me some free amoxicillin. ANd it is NOT ALCOHOL, I drink maybe twice a year if that... Rule that out n drink up.....

First off I am 32 yr old white male, fairly healthy, 5'10" 190lbs, eat right, active sexlife/regular self pleasurer. I originally was thinking OMG the japanese radiation is killing us all until I saw a few posts here from at least 5 years ago.
And I remembered this happened once before about 3 or 4 years ago during some rough sex with a condom on. I noticed the blood inside the condom when taking it off and just assumed the condom was tight and broke a vessel or something, never happened again.
Then it showed up again 4 days ago on my girls belly. If only I had gone on her butt like usual, i'de be the only one freaked out. But she saw it..........
Anyhow, i've been going over what I suspect may be the cause of my issue.
First of all, stress could be the issue since we all have our own stress but if that were the case this issue would never go away, I am always stressed. Second could be the strange possition I was in during sex the other night. Nothing to crazy but i was laying on my side. 3rd i luv the 420 but I doubt this has any effect, just thought I should mention it since we are trying to figure this thing out. 4th I would have to say YES holding back to long may have caused this problem. More and more lately I seem to have to hold back for my girl to go first. Then when she goes I immediatly have to go afterwards or it gets painful for her. Man shes selfish.
I do believe that this has a major effect on the cause of this problem which is why the docs can never find it. Out of all the tests you guys have had done to you were any of them done when you were super hard about to go but holding back. I doubt it. Almost impossible to test you in that possition unless your boning a hot nurse Urologist.
ALso let me not leave any other issues out. The day before this happened I was lifting some heavy bins up over my head which I did strain myself pretty hard. Then after that I banged into a towelrack on my ribcage, left a pretty nasty bruise. Any of these things can be the cause.
I do however have some ideas to kinda get rid of it quickly. Just in case you dont have 3 weeks to sit and pull your hair out cuz your scared to rub one out or be aroused by your lady friend.
The first day it happened was alot of blood in semen, then in urine (Shot out like a bloddy water gun holy shiite), along with the clot then it turned clear. The next day I tested myself with some self stimulation and still the same, Bright blood on my napkin and me freakin out. Came on here and read some posts about letting it heal. Tried that. Waited 2 full days no stimulation no arousal and no nooky nooky from my girl (Which was hard cuz it was friday and saturday night and she came home drunk n horny both nights grrrrr).
Then decided to rub one out to check the situation. Once again lots of bright blood as if it was exactly the same as 2 days before nothing changed with the healing idea (FREAKED). Decided to try something new.
Someone mentioned in this forum on what happens to the blood, does it just stay there or eventually desolve, and I do not think he got a response.
I think he was onto something.
I decided to try again later that night 6 hours later. Noticed the Bright red blood turned light pink as if it was going away, same clot in pee afterwards. Got happy and decided to stay up all night and try again since it seemed to be lightening up. Tried again and YAY BLOOD IS GONE. now 2 days later 5 hand jobs later still blood free in urine and semen. I will venture into my girl tonight and report back if all is well.

Long story short I have my own theory on this situation. GET IT OUT. The blood I believe gathers in the scrotum and has no place to go. The sooner you release it the better. You could wait weeks and let nature take its course and the blood will absorb (But who can wait 3 weeks without rubbin one out? 3 days is hard enought, forget 3 weeks especially if you have a hot new date and you may get some).

5 days later I am blood free.... Either getting it out or it just healed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed... And to all of you holding back for weeks or months, more power to you. You are stronger then I....

Please excuse the somewhat loose direction of this post, as there are a few topics that have been on my mind. As all of you know, this is one of the worst problems that anyone could have. I've had this problem since I was about 23 and I'm 29 now. I completely vibe with everything that people are saying and experiencing on this forum which is a treasure for those of us with this problem.

Its amazing what you can live with. Really. I remember the first time this happened to me, I thought I was literally dying, and now there are times when I get so frustrated with it all that sometimes I feel like dying wouldn't be all that bad to have some final solution to all this. Please don't be alarmed, as this is not intended to be a cry for help or anything like that. I'm just speaking to something that I think is an important aspect of this whole condition. There is a certain feeling of helplessness, of shame, of hopelessness, that goes along with this condition. In my case Its severely ruined times that should have been more carefree. Many of you are lucky to have already been in relationships when this happened. These days, I stay away from women in large part because I know one episode of a girl seeing blood on the sheets, or even worse…will prompt a multitude of questions that none of us really have the answers to. The most powerful stories are those that are visually powerful, and it doesn't get much more visually powerful than this condition. Over the years, I've taken to pretty much dealing with prostitutes and massage parlors to get away from the fear of having an episode in front of a girl who might in any way be connected to my social circle. Interestingly enough, I find that sometimes prostitutes have seen this condition before and are much more comfortable with it than you would expect as long as things are taken care of safely. In fact, a few weekends ago I was on a paid encounter when the woman finished me off by hand and blood went all over her nice white sheets. What was nice about it was that instead of freaking out, she checked to make sure I was ok, and then we had a laugh about how insane the whole scene looked. No questions asked, no explanation required. It may sound twisted, but there was something so endearing about her reaction that it almost made me feel like I was sexually normal again. I hadn't felt like that in a while.

On a more pragmatic note, this current episode I'm experiencing is the worst one I've had in years. Back when this first started, I use to be in the emergency room every other week. At that time, I was still very much in shock about the whole scenario and how to deal with it. I also hadn't learned how to **** properly in a way that allows urine to pass even when  the clot cannot. This is a very important tip and something I've been meaning to write about for a while. I cannot be sure this will work for everyone, but its def worth a try to find out if it can help you at all. Basically, one time when I was in the ER, I decided to try and **** before the doc came back with the abdominal ultrasound machine. This time I did something weird though, instead of standing or sitting on the bowl, I sort of doubled over in a angled squatting position as if I was about to sit down and take a ****, but I never sat all the way down. I have no ******* idea why I decided to do this, but suffice it to say, I discovered that when I squatted like that, I was able to pass a significant amount of urine  even though none of the clot had passed. I get the clots really ******* bad, so almost every single time I have an episode it means that I cannot urinate normally. Generally speaking the clots are so big that they probably would not even go into a catheter tube and may actually clog the catheter. The squatting technique has been the only thing that has allowed me to live  semi normal life these last several years because it has meant that even when I have an episode, as long as I can get to a toilet bowl, I will be able to use the squat technique and pass urine. Most of the time it will take me 3 to 5 days of this in order to actually get rid of the clot. Basically, even though I'm not passing the clot initially, I'm eroding it each time I pass urine. So by drinking a ton of fluids I'm usually able to just **** enough of the clot away that by the 3rd and 4th days, they are still fairly large clots, but they are not being forced out, rather they are easily passed with moderate pressure. Very rarely have I suffered an episode where the squat technique wasn't effective enough to keep me out of the ER. Unfortunately the current episode I'm suffering from is actually the worst I've had since my last visit to the ER years ago and the squat technique has not been as helpful as I would like. That said, do yourself a favor and try the squat technique at varying angles and see if you can find what works for you.

My last thought here is about management. At this point, it would seem like there is no "cure" for this condition, rather it is a life long problem that needs to be managed. Part of the frustration and hopelessness I spoke to above, is that feeling of not knowing what this is, how long its going to last, what to do about it etc. As a result, I have really shied away from trying to address it and have basically just given up. Since my current episode, I have decided to re-engage with medical professionals about this condition, but my outlook has been changed by my years of dealing with the realities of this condition. When I first discovered what I had to deal with I was looking for a "cure" now I'm looking for a realistic management strategy that I can count on. As a group that seems to be something that is worth focusing on just as much a final solution. I'm not exactly sure what this strategy is going to entail, but I know its going to need to address not only the physical symptoms, but also the psychological damage that we suffer as well. My first step in this direction is to get back in touch with medical professionals as I had basically given up on treatment years ago. After that, as I said, I need to start working on my psychological well being and getting back to some level of confidence with women. Its not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination, but this is the life we have, and I've wasted too much of mine letting this condition beat me down.

I'm really happy I found this thread. It makes me realize what happened this Easter isn't a unique episode, and doesn't need to be connected to any life threathening condition. Great that people share their experiences, and how they deal with the condition.
At the same time, what I read here in many of the posts makes me really worried. It seems like this is a condition that can be caused by many different reasons, but that some of the reasons are not known by medical science, or at least no known treatment for it.
I feel sorry for the ones I read have had this condition for many years, and cross my fingers I will not need to settle with the same. I really cannot understand why this hasn't been focused more on by the medical science. I realize that it's not directly life threatening condition, but doesn't need much imagination to realize it can really reduce the quality of life.

No one should need to be worried to have sex!
-How a potential or existing partner will react on this condition.
-How to deal with clots and the sideeffects of having them.

A little about me and my experience this Easter, as well as some details that might have something to do with trigging this condition;
I'm a 35 year male, that are not a healthfreak, but still not in a bad shape, but I do smoke. My last healthchecks have turned out fine in all ways, but its a year since my last one (one coming up now for sure).
Last year I've been living a hectic life due to jobcondtion (new and demanding job), and I was probably a bit stressed when I started this vacation.
I went away with my girlfriend (pretty new relationship) to have a great time. First day on vacation I got a bad headache. I normally never do painkillers (and don't use any medication), but I didn't want to ruin the start of vacation and I was handed a Aspirin from the place we stayed. Took it and headache went away in a couple of hours. Later that day probably enjoyed 2 or 3 pints.
Me and my girlfriend enjoyed som bed gymnastics. Not very rough, but I believe I ejaculated 3 times within 4-5 hours (the last one a real long one). Didn't notice anything strange with the sperm this night (But we didn't check it closely because I have never had any problems with my semen).
The day after was a real warm day. During the day I probably had 3 or 4 pints, but was never close to drunk. Back at the Hotel me and my girlfriend enjoyed some oral, that ended with something that looked like a "freakshow" when I came.... (priceless situation, that I really could have laughed of if I knew it will be treated).
First I thought the blood must have come from somewhere else because I have never heard about this condition. I think my girlfriend got most worried, and not surprisingly she had many questions I didn't have an answer on, or that at least couldnt explain the episode.
The day after I decided to masturbate to verify if the condition was the same, and unfortunately, yes it was. Mixture of sperm and fresh blood.
One more day and one more try, and the sperm was back to normal. Yes!
The feeling of joy only lasted for a day or so, because yesterday blood was back.

I haven't notice any blood in my urine, and had no hard time urinating.
The only "clot" I've noticed was a real small one in the sperm yesterday.
No pain involved whatsoever.

Would be great to know if I need to "rest", and for how long to let it heal, and if its any chance it will heal for good, not returning.
Normally I masturbate or have sex more or less daily, and think of it as a real healthy thing to do.

I guess the only thing I can do for a start is to get doctor visit over the weekend.
What I fear (in addition to any lifethreathening diagnose that I after I read this thread don't think is so likely), is that I will end up like many of the others writing here; going thru all the standard tests to rule out known conditions without any conclusion, or treatment by doctor or urologist. And just got to deal and live with it.

2 of the previous posters has mentioned laser treatment as the possible "future".
Has anyone more info about this, and if it's beeing practised as of today if its some damaged vein that never get to heal fully/or is permanent weakened that is the problem?

Based on what I have read in this thread and some of the theories regarding the triggers of this condition it seems like my experience can support;
-Long lasting (holding back) sex sessions before ejaculation.

Wish all of that you will get rid of your situation, and that medical science will gather more info and hopefully som treatment for this condition.

I have the same problems.

How many of you take supplements like whey protein, creatine, bcaa's, amino's etc?
I was relieved to read your post. I am now 65 but about 4 or 5 years ago I started noticing small amounts of blood in the  ejaculate. My doctor told me that the best way to keep the prostate healthy was to have frequent ejaculations and as wife and self were getting older just to masturbate to make up for less frequent intercourse. I started watching adult porn for arousal and often drew out the experience much longer than a sexual intercourse episode and that's when I started noticing blood in the semen.Prolonged sexual intercourse does the same thing. If I was just able to masturbate quickly, there was little or no blood. Several days abstinence helped if I didn't indulge in prolonged arousal's prior to the ejaculation. In the last 6 months, I have stopped taking some medication that lowered my sex drive as a side effect but now I'm waking with frequent morning erections and until I awake I don't know how long I've been aroused in sleep. Usually the first urination in the morning pushes out a little (few drops) of blood that I assume leaked into the urethra during the night from the prostate or in the early morning hours. I don't see visible blood during the day in the urine. I've never had clots.
Perhaps as you've dealt with this for 26 years you've received some helpful suggestions since your 2010 post that I'm responding to. My PSA and prostate exam within the last two years have been normal and so my G.P. said maybe I should take some antibiotics just in case of infection but they didn't seem to help. As this is getting to be a morning thing and affects my sex life (just small amounts of blood unless I do the frequent or prolonged versions). I am not asking for medical advice but it sounds like you've been through the whole 'rule out' routine to no avail,so what would you suggest other than going to another Urologist and being put through the standard procedures over and over.
Thanks for any help you can or can't give.
C. Greene
Like I posted earlier, I have the same condition as many of you.

I am 35, very healthy, no smoking, no drinking (only occasionally), go to they gym 4 times a week, not overweight, just very healthy.

I have read every post in this thread from 2006 until now to find out what is causing it and if anyone has an idea on how to stop it.
Unfortunately, no solution found.

For me it started in 2009, freaked out like many of you did too, went straight to hospital, was nothing serious they said.

Went to urologist:

- blood tests -> fine
- semen tests -> fine
- urine tests -> fine
- cystoscopy -> fine

Had problems for about 3 months off and on, not always and noticed that rougher sex and mostly doggy style caused it. Two weeks after cystoscopy it was gone!

Then a year later it came back and now I have had this problem for half a year but it's back with a vengeance because it started again with every now and then, maybe once a week. Now the last 2 months I have had it non stop, every time I have sex it's there. Once was clogged completely and needed to go to ER for catheter. Now I even wake up in the morning and have severe clots making urinating very difficult and painful. So even without having sex I have it now!

More tests:

- blood again -> fine
- urine again -> fine
- semen again -> fine
- bladder via ultra sound -> fine
- kidneys -> fine
- urinary tract -> fine
- prostate ultra sound -> fine

Have had several meds now, used Avodart and Tamsulosine -> no success.
Now I got Finasteride (Proscar) which I am not eager to take as I don't think this will fix it either but will do it anyway just to rule it out.

My thoughts on it, like I have told de Urologists, is that it's something in my urethra like a tear but they say it's just not possible. Met some guys online with same problems to keep each other posted and see what their doctors said and suggest.

Strange thing is that the first months I had it 2 years ago, it was blood in my sperm and then urinating blood and then after that it was fine again. Hence the doctors said well it's nothing serious, can just happen sometimes and was fine with that, especially since it went away after some months.

Now the last few months it's different, sometimes in my semen, sometimes not, sometimes urinating blood directly after sex, sometimes urinate blood hours later even though I urinated in between clear urine.
Sometimes pink semen, sometimes clear, sometimes little blood clots in there already. It's just random now and now last 2 mornings I woke up and had been bleeding in my sleep apparently due to erections during sleeping!

It's getting worse and worse and I'm really frustrated with it all now and want to get rid of it.

I think there is something wrong in my urethra and will have that checked out as soon as possible anyway, even though doctors tell me it's not possible that that's where it comes from.

Some more background info:

I think it started because I had sex once in a doggy position in a bathtub and my girlfriend was bent over differently, when I came I felt that my semen didn't come out as my penis was bend in an angle where there was more pressure on it. It hurt a little but felt strange, tingly, no problems after that, no blood or anything, then the first time it happened during rough sex doggy style 7 months after this incident. Again that tingly feeling.

Also when it happened I took Melatonin for half a year because of my insomnia, I take protein regularly and creatine every now and then. My girlfriend noticed that when I take creatine it happens quicker but I have been taking that for years already. I started it 4 months ago when it only happened sporadically but indeed after starting creatine again, it got worse.

Anyway, I have done all tests now and the doctors told me that they don't really know what it is and I should learn to live with it if these meds don't help. I just don't accept that.

Also what I think is important is that it comes and goes for most of us. We, and so have I, are always are looking for answers when it happens to us because why would you care if the problem is gone right?? Well I think it's lingering and we should also look into the reason why it went away! Not just what started it!!
The reason I say this is because two weeks after my cystoscopy it went away for a year and I think it's because this camera is quite wide and stretched my urethra probably, making sure that there is more room for semen to pass and pee out more easily. In the year that it was gone I noticed that urinating became a bit more difficult, sometimes I had an after drip or just problems to completely empty my blatter and it felt like my urethra was blocked (I think scar tissue and the stretching of urethra was long time ago) so it might be that it got back to it's normal size again and the scar tissue blocked the passage more.
Also ejaculating went much more compressed, shooting for far distances which is cool of course :P but probably due to smaller passage of the urethra....

Anyway wanted to be as thorough as possible with info.

Please all post what you did that made it stop and don't stop reading and posting when you are free of these complaints but help others and tell us what you did last before it stopped!! This could be the answer.


After more blood and big blood clots and having done all tests the urologists wanted me to do, I insisted that they now look more in depth into my urethra because according to me that's where the issue comes from and that's where I feel it when it happens.

Today I had anther cystoscopie and they saw a little wound in exactly the place where I always feel that there is something wrong and where I get that tingly feeling when it happens.

Now they don't believe that such a small wound can cause that much bleeding and issues if it's only a weak small vain although they do agree that this is where the problem comes from. What they think now is that there may be a weak spot in my cavernosa and that through that weak spot in my urethra the blood is launched quickly into my urethra and bladder.

I will now get a ct scan next to get a good view of my whole lower abdomen, after that I will get an MRI to check that whole area again.

To be continued...
I'm with everyone here, this is my 3rd time finding blood in my urine after a night of lots of alchohol mixed with vigorous sex. I am especially worried this time because the blood was in my sperm as well as 2 urinations after the sex. It always seems to pass very quickly but I am definitely worried. I will be going to the doctor at some point this week but after reading most of these stories it looks like I will be told that I shouldn't worry about it. However, I am worried about it, regardless of what the doctor will say. I will refrain from masturbation and sex for 2 weeks and hope that works but this does not happen everytime I have sex. First time about 6 months ago after lots of alchohol and long vigorous sex, 2nd time about 2 months ago after lots of alchohol and long vigorous sex. And 3rd time last night after lots of alchohol and long vigorous sex. I want to find a cure because I am young, love to party, have fun, and drink alchohol, and when I am drinking there are girls that want to have sex, and I don't want to disappoint and give them a 3 minute show, these girls want long vigorous sex, and I want to give it to them without blowing a load full of blood all over the place and ruining everything.  This is definitely something I am not just going to hope passes, especially after hearing the stories o reoccurrences years later. We need some answers about treatment!!
i am relief to know that i am not alone. am have been having this same problem for about twenty years now and wos told thew same thing first i wos told not to worried exercise and proper diate will take care of it . it did work for a wile from time to time would come back . starting to wonder if dehidration have something to do with it. lets get to the roor of this thing
this problem never goes away had it for over 15 years it comes it goes big clots blood in sperm and urine but i think if you drink lots of water you can help it i dont know y it just does same as other ppl on here doctor say it has nothing to do with alcohol but i think it does here's what to try drink lots of water every day if your going on the booze  drink water a lot before you go
listen guys this get worse not better this time it came back and its lasted for 8 months were before it would only last a month tops had all test got inflammation on the prostate glad but i dont think it is that but anyways am on antibiotics and we will see what happens got to go back for another camera down my penis witch will be another waist of time and pain but suppose ill have to go so ill pop back and tel you the same thing in about 6 weeks
I have had a ct scan now, nothing was seen on that either.

Will now get an MRI.

The idea is that it's a small wound/hole in my cavernosa and urethra and then when you get an erection, the blood pressure pushes blood into the urethra and ends up in the blatter. This sounds logical and this is why some only get it in certain positions or only when it's done rougher or bend in a certain way.
This is the most logical explanation. Lately I had it so bad that even with nightly erections I would bleed. giving it rest heals the small wound a little bit which is why it goes away. It varies per person I guess how big this wound is, mine has gotten bigger because I only had it once every 2 weeks when it started but lately had it daily, now after full rest I can get a normal erection again without bleeding.

Will keep you guys posted. I might have surgery to stop the bleeding for once and for all.
male, 24. of the same condition for almost 2 years. happened to me for 4 times already.

after dry humping, and after vigorous sex, i release normal semen, but i urinate blood with blood clots which usually block the passage of urine. it would take a while before i get to release it and when i pee, i always experience urgency but wouldn't be satisfied because of the blockage. i apply warm compress to dilate the vessels in order for the clot to pass through and be released. i drink alot of water after ive experienced it until my urine becomes clear again. sometimes, my prostate aches, sometimes, i feel no pain. but i cant help but freak out when i experience it. its f*ckin scary!

the next day, when i wake up, i cannot control that my package hardens. when i pee after that, blood comes out again and i drink alot of fluid to wash out the clots until clear. throughout the day, my urine will have its normal color again. after two days of abstinence - cause i want to let it heal - i get cold due to the weather. another uncontrollable instance. after it hardens, i experience the symptoms again. if a week or two passes and i luckily dont have my package hardened, it heals by itself. but recurs if i dry hump or have hard pressure against it.

my girl and i was trying to search for remedies, and i would do the following:
1. if i cannot release the clot, i apply warm compress to dilate the vessel and release it.
2. if it is pure bleeding, i apply cold compress to constrict the vessel and prevent further bleeding and blood loss.
3. if i bleed continuously, i drink milk, eat more protein (to aid in wound healing), and drink cayenne tea (to control internal bleeding based on our research).
4. to prepare cayenne tea, mix 1 teaspoon of cayenne powder/cayenne pepper (can be bought at the supermarket) to 210 ml of hot water. note:its spicy. try to tolerate it.
5. if my prostate aches, i take mefenamic acid (every 4 hours for 5 days) or tamsulosin (once a day as prescribed). it has anti-inflammatory effects to help seize the swelling.
6. as much as possible, i try to control myself. i should not let my package get aroused nor hardened for at most 2 weeks.
7. drink alot of water and avoid carrying heavy objects.

ive visited the urologist twice. he performed dre and testicular exam. first diagnosed me with uti. after 6 months, diagnosed me with prostatitis. but he doesnt seem to explain it very well. until now, i am not diagnosed correctly. maybe no one has found cure for this yet. but i am still praying that this will not get worst. i hope it as no problems with fertility and with carcinoma.

if you have other remedies, please share it with me. lets all pray and may we all have good health.
thanks for sharing your experiences. it helps alot.
im peeing blood i am freaked the **** out  wenever i  take deep breaths i feel drips going down my ****  it  feels horrible  and i checked and i dont got no stds or anything
i got checked for chlamydia   gonnareah  and it came bakk negative and i jus developed this crazy anxiety about a few months ago. i am super stressed  im currently taking zooloft and some other meds for anxiety   but im not prescribed to any benzos cuz of my history of substance abuse,  even though i think that i relle do need em cuz none of this medication is working  im 20 yrs old and everytime i *** its blood  and now its showin up on my urine too..  i dnt know if this is stresss or if my penis is just gunna fall the **** off i gotta c the urologist tomorow but im ****** worried    WTF
hi all,
i have had this problem 4 years ago,i am doctor-GP the cause is haemorrhage from some blood viscles inside the prostate,this cause hemospermia and the lower sphincter of urethra will prevent the blood to go down so will get into our bladder,and so haematuria come.
the best non-surgical solution is to stop sex and erection for 2week at least.i know this is difficult..or u can just make a very quick sex.i mean my last sex was 4 minuts long only.that is very bad for the girl ,cause she didn`t start yet.
or you can go under the knife and make repair operation.which is not easy or free of complications.  
That's not it at all, maybe for same cases it's the prostate but for most it's really not. read my post for instance.
CURE POSSIBLE FOUND: Looks like Fulguration (using high frequency electric current) to destroy abnormal veins. Was used on three men suffering for 20, 10, 5 years and it completely cured them:


Print that report out and show to Urologist to get their opinion. Post back what they think.
Ann R Coll Surg Engl. 2009 September; 91(6): 532–534.
doi:  10.1308/003588409X432130

PMCID: PMC2966226
Copyright © 2009 by the Annals of The Royal College of Surgeons of England
Urethral Venous Malformation: An Unusual Cause of Recurrent Post-Coital Gross Haematuria in Association with Haematospermia
EG Gkougkousis, M Khan, TR Terry, and JK Mellon
Department of Urology, Leicester General Hospital, Leicester, UK
Correspondence to EG Gkougkousis, Clinical Sciences Unit, Leicester General Hospital, Gwendolen Road, Leicester LE5 4PW, UK E ; Email: ***@****
Three cases of recurrent post-coital haematuria are described. Extensive protracted investigations pinpointed urethral varicosities as the likely cause. All patients were successfully treated with diathermy fulguration.
Keywords: Urethral, Varicose, Venous, Malformation, Haemangioma, Haematospermia, Haematuria

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Bleeding per urethram is a common urological symptom which prompts urgent investigation, aimed primarily at excluding malignancy. The differential diagnosis in these patients is considerable. We present three cases of urethral bleeding associated with post-coital ejaculation that was found to be caused by urethral venous malformations, a condition that is rare but probably under-reported.
Patients and Methods
The case notes of three patients who were identified as suffering from post-coital urethral bleeding were reviewed. Due to the rarity of the disease and the lack of standardisation in the diagnosis and treatment, personal communication with each surgeon was necessary for a more accurate description of the intra-operative findings and details of the surgical treatment. A search and review of the literature published in English was performed using the PubMed database.

     Other Sections▼

The three patients in this series were treated by three different urological surgeons, all practising in the same unit. Cases are reported both separately and in comparison (Table 1).
Table 1

Table 1
Summary of patients' symptoms and treatment outcome
Case report 1
A 58-year-old man represented to the department of urology in 2007 with a history of haematospermia and haematuria spanning 20 years. The patient reported that episodes of haematospermia and haematuria were provoked by ejaculation. He was first investigated for frank haematuria 18 years previously when it was reported that there was no abnormality of the urinary tract. He was re-investigated for haematuria 10 years later when large ‘varicose veins’ were noted in the bulbar and membranous urethra, coursing over the external sphincter muscle. Three years previously, he was again referred complaining of haematuria. On this occasion, a flexible cystoscopy was reported as normal. Over the next 2 years, the patient was admitted to hospital on three occasions with further episodes of heavy haematuria and the passage of clots. Investigations including an intravenous urogram, renal/pelvic ultrasound scan and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the pelvis were reported as normal. His most recent cystourethroscopy, however, demonstrated large, abnormal branching veins in the bulbar urethra (Fig. 1) on either side of the verumontanum and around the bladder neck. In addition, within the bladder there were abnormal sub-mucosal veins high on the posterior bladder wall. Judicious ‘spot-welding’ of these veins at the bladder neck, alongside the verumontanum and in the bulbar urethra was performed using diathermy coagulation. At 6-month review, the patient was free of post-coital haematospermia and haematuria for the first time in 20 years.
Figure 1

Figure 1
Operative sketch of venous malformation in the bulbar urethra at the level of the external sphincter.
Case report 2
A 41-year-old man was referred with a 10-year history of intermittent haematuria with clots. This had always been associated with sexual activity and ejaculation. There was no significant past medical history and no abnormalities on clinical examination. The patient denied any perineal discomfort or lower urinary tract symptoms suggestive of chronic inflammatory prostatitis. The patient underwent a cystourethroscopy demonstrating congested veins crossing the external sphincter. The abnormal vessels were diathermied and the patient, to date, has remained continent and symptom-free.
Case report 3
A 43-year-old man presented with a 5-year history of post-coital urethral bleeding. He had previously been investigated by cystourethroscopy, pelvic and renal ultrasound scans and a pelvic MRI scan, that failed to reveal the cause of bleeding. The patient had a repeat cystourethroscopy to exclude urethral venous malformations, as these were suspected to be the cause of bleeding. For this reason, the patient was instructed to ejaculate in the theatre prior to the investigation and moderate reverse Trendeleburg position was employed; the rationale being that both these manoeuvres would exaggerate any vascular abnormality and render it more visible and amenable to treatment. At endoscopy, enlarged veins were noted just distal to the verumontanum which were carefully diathermied. At 6-month review, the patient had no further post-coital urethral bleeding.

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Post-ejaculatory haematuria in association with haematospermia is rare.1,2 Urethral varices as a cause of this condition were reported in 4.6 % of 174 men investigated for haematospermia by Leary and Aguilo.3 More recently, Papp et al.4 described urethral varices as being the underlying cause in 4–7% of 122 patients being investigated for haematospermia. In earlier case reports,1,2 the venous abnormalities were fulgurated successfully with no adverse effect on continence. Arnold et al.5 treated urethral varices in 20 women and 5 men with a combination of coagulation and urethral dilatation and reported a success rate of 86%. Others have published case reports of massive urethral bleeding from urethral varicosities associated with congenital diseases or major venous malformations necessitating major surgical procedures.6,7
Other rare causes of urethral bleeding include urethral polyps,8 ectopic prostatic tissue9 and urethral haemangiomata.10,11 Haemangiomata appear to be a separate entity and are described as sessile vascular lesions usually near the prostatic apex.10,11
The condition we describe is uncommonly reported in the literature and, in addition, is not mentioned in the classical textbooks as a distinct urological condition. One such case could represent a medical curiosity and two, an extreme coincidence. However, the fact that three different surgeons treated patients with the same condition in the same unit within a short period of only a few months indicates that it is probably an under-reported condition of unknown incidence.
Increased awareness of this cause of urethral bleeding is essential since the identification of urethral venous malformations may be hindered by the fact that they are not always easily visualised.1,2,5 The vascular pattern in the urethra and the prostate is subject to some variation and venous malformations may be overlooked if the operator has a low index of suspicion. In our first case, a number of cystourethroscopies were reported as showing no obvious abnormality and the patient endured the symptoms for almost two decades until definite treatment was instituted. In the second patient, the diagnosis was made 10 years following the onset of symptoms. Similarly, the third patient in our series had an initial endoscopic assessment that failed to identify the vascular lesion and there was a lag time of 5 years between the onset of symptoms and diagnosis and treatment. The present report emphasises that varices as a cause of urethral bleeding must be considered when common pathology has been excluded.
All three cases were treated by electrocoagulation; because the abnormal vessels were very close to the external urethral sphincter, actually crossing it in the first two patients, there were concerns about continence postoperatively. Extreme care was taken when fulgurating the lesions and, as a result, all patients remained fully continent. For such patients, laser therapy may be a better option for treating these lesions12 as the highly defined area in which energy is applied and the precision of tissue destruction of laser therapy may have advantages. Many different types of lasers are established in urological practise and more are being introduced.13 With a small depth of penetration and a wavelength very near the absorption peak of water, Holmium, Erbium and Thulium lasers are probably the most suitable for the treatment of urethral varices, offering increased precision and safety, though at the cost of haemostasis.
Urethral varicosities are an unusual cause of recurrent post-coital urethral bleeding. In the three cases we present, the diagnosis was established 5–20 years after the onset of symptoms, a fact that indicates the elusive nature of the disease and the need for increased awareness by the urologic community. Careful coagulation of the engorged veins was a safe and effective treatment in all cases.

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im also experiencing some blood after urinating not much but it was stringy/gooey with red in it(i figure blood) right after urination i happened after my girlfriend had teased me for about 10 hours straight i was in pain so i went to masterbate. and then again the next night after 20 hours of teasing*sigh* followed by intercourse by reading some of your experiences here im thinking maybe the vesciles may have tore. but also i was at work tonight and i buckled over pain around the kidney area i have a high pain tolerance and it brought tears to my eyes im 20 years old and need to know some answers i have no insurance but will be setting up an appointment soon for tenncare if any ideas or helpful comments on this please help me im freaking out i have also been told i could have a kidney stone but the sharp pain in my kidney area was just for a  minute now im sitting here drinking cranberry juice am i doibng the right thing???? thanks for all who can help
Been having blood in sperm on and off for 3 years, started when i started wieght training and taking creatine and amino's and gets worse when i have been drinking and taking Ibrophine tablets,and some rough ball pulling sex :-)

Had PSA, ultrasound,mri,prostate inspection, all was clear.

My theory is when my blood pressure goes up is make the situation worse, combined with dehidration and drink.

I have no blood in my urine.

Drink plenty of water and this defo helps the situation.

This site is great for us guy's keep the post coming.

hi im 15 and this just happened to me, this is the most similar thing i could find on the web i was masturbating for a while and i ejaculated normally but then when i went to pee it was either pure blood or very high concentrations of blood because it was the color of red wine except maybe darker, the only thing i can think of that could cause this is that i held back for longer than usual, i'd like to thank the brave man who posted this first as it must have been difficult
OK guys I am suffering from this too and it's very frustrating. Just had a urine sample result today from an episode at the weekend. Came back with no infection, no blood.

So I have a question to everyone - Are you a show'er or a grow'er??

In otherwords when erect does your penis grow drastically in size or just get hard with a less noticable increase in size???
Hi all,

I just wanted to add my story as it's very reassuring to find that I'm not the only one. I'm 36, smoke, drink, get horny alot (seems to be a theme here!).

I masturbate pretty much every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times if I'm not satisfied. If I want to make things last a little longer I pinch and hold back. I've been doing this for years. A couple of years ago I noticed blood in my urine - none in sperm. I was freaked. Many of you have described the fear and panic - I had that too and thought I was having some massive internal injury and was going to die any second. Next day, all clear, the panic subsides and I decided it was just one of those things and didn't get it checked out.

A couple of weeks ago I saw some pink urine and thought it was coming back, and maybe I should have got it checked out earlier. Again, next day, all clear. Figured it was the masturbation being a bit too rough/drawn out. This weekend just gone though I had a bit of a marathon session in which I was far hornier than normal, very hard for a long time. No need for worry there! But the next day I had the darkest pee I'd ever seen. More freaked than ever before. I started drinking water - I don't know why, just seemed logical - and kept going to pee as I wanted to see it clear (not because I needed to I might add). After the much drinking of water I went for an actually 'needed' pee and it was a little blocked. Then this batch of clots came out. Most small, one was an inch or so long (in my mind huge). I was really scared of course. I had no pain throughout any of this.

I called NHS Direct (UK) who asked loads of questions, reassured me I wasn't going to die, didn't send me to hospital etc. Their key concern was if I was in any pain. And I wasn't. They recommended I drink plenty of fluids, water, juice etc. to move the clots. It worked, the pee cleared and quite a few tiny clots with it. I've not masturbated in 3 days and urine has been clear. I woke up with a big morning glory a couple of days ago and noticed a tiny pink at the end of the mornings first pee. I went to the doctors on Monday and she took a urine sample and I have a blood test this Friday. She examined my bladder, pressed around my abdomen - no pain, no expression on her face either. She's also getting an ultrasound booked - I'll get a letter asking me to call in with a date/time.

This afternoon I decided I needed some 'relief'. Masturbated a couple of times trying to be gentle, no holding back. Within a few hours my pee looks pink again. I found this thread and it seems I share a very similar experience to a lot of you. My instinct tells me I've damaged something in this part of the body that is bleeding. I stop 'yanking' at it, or getting hard-ons, it seems to stop. I can't comment on anything more yet but will update if anything changes. I'm going to abstain from any 'activity' for a couple of weeks. Not going to be easy but I see a distinct pattern.

Ok read most of the post, had a similar situation last night for the second time, the first was due to a nasty fall, which gave me abdominal blows so that was clear.
Last night I was out drinking, had a stout, 2 beers, 1/2 a magnum(14.5% Acl). I peed about twice b4 i got home, then again at home while taking a dump, no signs. My wife was waiting on me, gave me a cussing 4 reaching home late, which led to sex, all of which took place in the rodeo position took about a 1/2 hour to ***. not sure if i held back, but my wife said I did, she said at one point it felt as though I was about to ***. A pre-condition is that I recently extracted a wisdom tooth and given amoxil and ibuprofen which finished about a 5 days ago. I woke this morning blood was on the bed a little on my underpants, thought it was my wife, my left nut hurts a little(not unusual) as well as the inside of the shaft.

I think I need to observe whats going on over the next few days, I think sex was the main cause even if the drinking initiated it, the bleeding came only after sex.

I also believe that our cases can be place in groups, there are different reasons, however sex is the most common factor, how its done, how often etc. it is said that multiple ejaculation in a sex session is harmful. Lets all hope this isn't something we ignore because the signs are"nothing to worry about" next thing you are in intensive care and its too late.

Thank you for all your post they have been very helpful.
Hey all, i have just encountered this issue Monday morning at about 12:55am and i must say i was losing my sanity over this. I was watching TV(lying on the floor) when i suddenly had to use the bathroom, as i stand up i get an intense sharp abdominal pain as if to stretch would mean the end of me, i brush it off because i have had this pain many times before but nothing has happened until now, im standing at the toilet and im trying to pee but only pink droplet come out, then the blood darkens abit and two skittle sized blood clots come out. it is very disturbing to watch yourself pee blood, i have read all of the above and i think this is great to see that men can unite on something as vital as this, reading other peoples experiences has educated me on the issue, i am drinking alot of fluids and i have noticed that i cant get and erection, i also feel a slight pain in my penis like a small cut, which leads me to believe i have a cut in my urethra, but it could also be a mind set that im still in shock of these events. Lets work together and figure this out guys.
I've had these symptoms too. I had blood in my semen and even had nothing discharge on ejaculation before. I recently hat blood cloths in my semen as well. I found out I had a cyst on my prostate and on the ducts to my testicles from an ultrasound. The only thing I can say has helped, was leaving it all alone for extended periods of time. I stopped having sex for 3 weeks and more at a time and it gradually got better. It eventually went back to being clear semen. I recently irritated it again and I think it was from being aroused and not doing anything about it. My advice to you all is to try and wait for a few weeks, avoiding being aroused or anything. If you have cysts, I'm thinking it helps them either reduce in size or swell up less.
I know it's difficult, but if you want to get better, completely ignore any arousal and let it heal for at least 3 weeks, you should see progress. I did. I found that the symptoms worsen if I get frequently aroused or "blue balls". Just try to ignore all actions and keep yourself busy with other things for about 3 weeks. I think you should see results.
Good luck everyone.
So I'm 23 and it seems I'm in the same boat as everyone else here. Now, the first time this has ever happened to me was only about 3 days ago. There was plenty of red in the toilet (in fact I could see a terrifying trail of it leading to the murky depths) and I noticed IIRC maybe one or two fairly small clots, maybe the size of a small pinky nail. After the necessary time of panic and doom, I eventually tried to pee again and noticed it cleared up considerably, though there were a few small clots. Needless to say, I was more than a little worried.
The night after I found this forum (bless you all for commenting here) and I decided to test to see if it had anything to do with ejaculation. Lo and behold it did, as there was another small clot and a bit of blood in the pee afterward (the ejaculate is completely untouched..so far), though it wasn't NEARLY as bad as the first time. This is absolutely terrifying, and the horror stories don't console much (I'm pretty much terrified of catheters now). That said I'm REALLY glad I found this forum. Even if this is a condition without cause or cure, at least there is a small community that can work to evaluate the problems.
So, some facts about me:
+I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I've never even been drunk, just not my thing. So while it may be related (thins the blood?), it obviously isn't a cause.
+I'm in pretty poor shape honestly, the last two years I've really let myself go and that coupled with a sedentary lifestyle doesn't help. That said, from what I've read this doesn't seem too pertinent to this condition.
+ My girlfriend suffers from common UTI's so sex isn't common in the relationship (once a month maybe, sometimes more, sometimes less..sadly). That said, I do masturbate on a more or less daily basis. This probably has something to do with it? Though isn't this more or less a norm? I thought it was healthy for the prostate, you don't use it you lose it sort of business.
+As far as someone asking about the shower or grower business, I'm probably a grower. I don't know where the fine line is, but there is definitely a size change.

Now I imagine that I felt some very faint burning the very first time (though this isn't uncommon right after ejaculating for me, dunno how weird that is), and I still think I feel something in my lower abdomen (like liquid movement or something, hard to describe). No pain, just kind of movement around the bladder I imagine. I have no idea how valid this is, because when you're this stressed I'm sure your mind can run rampant with paranoia.

My main questions are these:
1 - Does this get worse for most people? I'm blessed that so far it hasn't been anything too serious, no blockages or anything like that. For those that have continued posting, it does seem like it gets worse within a year of first occurring. Then, there are those that say they've had it for 15 years but seem fine with it. Can someone clarify?
2 - Did anyone have blood in the semen or urine only at first, and then have it move to the other? Really I just want to know if I should prepare myself and my girlfriend for bloody *** someday. Right now it seems fine, but.. I've also read that some people bleed just from erections, so can anyone contribute a rough timeline of effects for comparisons?
3 - Does anyone have a name for this? Can't just call it "the condition" forever, and just calling it hemostemeria or whatever its called doesn't seem completely applicable, since that's only a symptom of whatever is causing this.

Anyway, I'll be going to the doctor within the next week or two (money's tight) and I'll post back if its anything else or they find anything. Thank you all for sharing, it really calmed me down a lot. Good luck everyone.
I have this problem since 5 years. is happend to me like 4 times in casual times.

I made a few tests on myself of what it could be like what triggers it, but like everyone else no success.

I also read this post since a very long time. I try to read all the post, and found this one. No one seems to answered this post. It has a possible explanation.
The post is ;


Sep 06, 2009
To: everyone
Hi guys i can relate to what you all are going through i first saw this symtom when i was 18 year old and have been living with it ever since.its a bacteria that lives deep within the prostrate and i just found out after years of living with it that it has to be treated for at least 6weeks to make sure it is totally gone am 37 now and am on floxstat i think the gerneric in the USA would be ofloxcin.what happens is that when you get arouse the bacteria flares up the prostrate and when the sperm or the urine flows through it picks up the blood hence blood in semen blood in urine.now you would see a clear semen if you just straight ejaculate with out being arouse not causing a flare up.make sure you guys get treated and not just ejaculating just to see if its gone those blood clot are serious they can cause blockage if it dont come out, lets just say you guys have bent a hose while the water is running right so imagin if you do this to your pennis i need not say more so becareful..also for you guys that love oral sex with more than one partner this is where it starts with that infected person that has a std such as clamydia (chlamydia) ect the bodily fluid goes inside the pennis openning and this is where your troubles starts that fluid goes back down the uinary trac and seeps into the prostrat gland where it lives until treated thats why its hard to detect..so this is where urinary trac infection can develope on this end.


worth loking into it.
.I'm  16 and yesterday I was masturbatin and right when I ejaculated it felt strange and then I looked down at my ****  and it was bleeding then I saw that one of my fragile veins on my penis was bleeding out and bleeding alot so I got a shirt and stopped the bleeding sand the bleeding has finally stopped and it hasn't bled anymore it's just that my penis vein has been broken and it hurts everytime  I take a **** but my urine is clear and I have masturbated since this incident because I'm afraid it will bleed out again but yeah I'm freaking the **** out, im scared that it will never heal!!!!!!!!!!!! **** **** **** **** I really hope it heals soon and that the fragile vein on my penis that was broken  gets healed and cured and never happens  again, my hot sxy girlfriend Michelle is coming over tonight and she  is probably gonna want to get some and i'm afraid that when I give her some my **** will bleed like crazy!!!!! help me!!!!!!!!!!
I am 47 year old male. Several of you are correct with regards to what caused the problem for me. Doggy style or aggressive sex traditionally triggers the first time. I have had this problem off and on for 4 years. First couple times I went to the emergency room to get catheter and remove the large amount of blood clots. Squatting definately helps relieve urine while clotted. Force yourself to drink as much water as possible when it first occurs to dilute the blood in your bladder before blood clots form. Take a shower. It will take 1-2 hours to get urine clear. Wait a week or so before ejaculating again. Masturbation and/or blow jobs will help relieve blue ball effect. If you can wait 2-3 weeks; most of the time it will clear up until you have intercourse with a younger woman who is tighter. I have had 4 different urologists test me over the years with cystoscopy and rectal probe. All clear. Also tested for STDs. Clear.  Also had MRI which came back negative. FRUSTRATED as hell because all of the doctors say no problem.
While the blood is frightening to see; it is passing the clots and not being able to urinate which is really the scary part.
I've only experienced this from vaginal intercourse with lovers, and it's made me stray from attempting anal. As the cavity is smaller/tighter, I think it would be more likely to happen. How about others, just from vaginal intercourse or also anal?
Im 16 and I too have had this problem on and off for about two years now. Only once has it Really bothered me to the point of me going to the Hospital, during that time i couldnt urinate for about 24 hours. after i got there about 3 hours of a Salene(?) IV I Urinated Stright Blood and Several Clots. now almost two years later i am pissing/ cumming blood. they didnt find any thing last time as far as i know. from what i have read there is nothing really to worry about, but it still concers me. I Dont Smoke, i drink verry rarely (in my own house so its leagal), and im not the most physicaly fit person, i am 'fat' but im also very active, as in i work and play soccer. I just want to know if this could interfere with any of my games, or work and i dont want my Girl Friend to worry. Is there anything i can do to cure this or atleast lessen the condition to where it wont occure for as long
I know what it is...its the person that's giving your oral sex. Sorry to say but they are not truly skilled and giving blow jobs. I had this happen to me when I was 16 (now 30) and I was scared out of my pants when I noticed I was pissing blood. I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor so I tried to read up on it myself...only to find nothing. Finally I noticed that it would go away when I didn't have sex for a couple days with my girl at the time...then every time she would come over and give me head...I noticed the bleeding. Once I pissed nothing but a dark ****...urine mixed with a A LOT of blood. I thought I was dying...

After breaking up with her, I didn't notice it again...until this morning. I just started dating this new chick and she is sexually inexperienced. Well last night she gave me head and it was so good...this morning I pissed and noticed the same thing. Not going through this again....

I hope this helps!
Correctioni***Last night she gave me head and it WASN'T so good...
WOW !!! glad to see im not the only 1 w/ this issue.

well it all started for me about in 2002 i think it was (im 34 now) and this girl didn't wanna give it up so she just resorted to dry humping me SUPER HARD while i was laying on my back. i didn't *** but had to run to the bathroom right after she had her fun & THERE IT WAS for the first time. scary as **** man !!!  went to Dr. & i think was put on cipro & told not to do anything for 3 wks and i cleared up.

it came back maybe 2 yrs later & since then another 4-5 times. the last 2 times it was after the 3rd time i had sex that night n strangely enough it happened recently again (2nd time in 2 months) in a nightclub w/ a girl grinding her *** super Hard on me. went to restroom & pissed blood & some mid sized clots in the urinal (i feel sry for the guy who had to see that after me) ...

after it happened the 2nd time yrs ago i had the cystocopy (or however u spell it) also & nothing was found. doc just said there was some minor trauma he saw inside the veins or capillaries inside the penis.

ONE QUESTION I DIDN'T SEE ANYONE MENTION THO was if anyone uses any "performance-enhancing products" ....no not steroids, i mean ****-wise. i been using diff stuff over the years like half a viagra, male power plus, cobra, horny goat weed, even the ones u put under ur tongue i tried a bunch just to see what works best. idk if any of these may have contributed to the damage down there causing excess blood or too much pressure on the **** "valves" but i don't go krazy using them like i used to. i just stick to 1-2 that work for me.  i even thought at 1 time it could've been some **** stretches i once did when i was younger that could've caused that early damage too. trust me alot went thru my mind as what could've caused this when i was younger. It isn't exactly something u can go ask ur friends if they ever had it lol.

well that's my story hopefully we can all find somethn that works to clear this thing up. usually a trip to the urologist & a prescription for cipro would clear mine up after 2-3 weeks of NO JERKING or SEX. yea man that **** is tough to do...but the first time u *** again & DON'T see any blood u gonna be jumping around like tom cruise on the oprah show.

good luck fellas
sry i meant that above post to go to the entire forum i don't even know who Nightmare is but i couldn't edit & change it. think the hematospermia is travelling to my brain.
Well, can't say I am happy to see so many of us, but at least I don't feel alone.

I've been dealing with this for the better part of 18yrs now.  It's a real issue as I have no idea when this will happen, and last thing I want it blood everywhere.  Urinating the clots quite painful, as some of you have mentioned, they can get quite big.  I've actually had to go to the Urologist 2 to get a catheter inserted in order to urinate.

I've been taking a series of meds during each "episode", but still can last weeks before I'm good again.

What I've noticed (someone else also mentioned) is the more exited I get, is when it is most likely to happen.  Also a lot to do with the PC muscle contraction.  I can sometimes go for months (9-15) without one incident, and sometimes I had 2 episodes in 6 months.

Wish some doctor would just come up with an answer once and for all, cause honestly, I'm pretty tired of the probing and scanning.
i'm 25 and had a stroke in august2010.. paralysed and all
i'm better now, last week i was working out, doing vertical jumps, 24" empty stomach in morning. i felt like a pulled something in the abdomen and inner left thigh.
11am the same day i noticed a couple of blood clots in urine...... rushed to doctor, gave urine sample got ultrasound etc..... he told me to hold aspirin(my post stroke treatment) and said its an injury.....
i have been noticing clotys in urine but they are getting smaller and less frequent(once-twice a day)
but today ,my ejaculate was bloody........ i masturbated first time after thAT INCIDENT!!
PLEASE ADVICE.......  scared.......
hey dudes ihave a problem during urinating.. my junior bleeds after urinating and it hurts like shuit.. what shoud i do..
I'm glad to share what I have found out about what I think many of us are talking about, but not all.

My symptoms have been, at different periods of time over the course of years, blood in urine (bright red and dark red), blood discharge after urinating or ejaculating and then blood in urine after ejaculating, blocked urine stream, and passing/urinating what seemed to be blood clots but it was more likely scar tissue.

There may have been different things going on at different times due to different causes. However, I have come to a good conclusion that in ways addresses the concerns of most guys on here and possibly all of my symptoms. After reading this post I felt like I was FINALY beginning to understand what was going on:

"hi all,
i have had this problem 4 years ago,i am doctor-GP the cause is haemorrhage from some blood viscles inside the prostate,this cause hemospermia and the lower sphincter of urethra will prevent the blood to go down so will get into our bladder,and so haematuria come.
the best non-surgical solution is to stop sex and erection for 2week at least.i know this is difficult..or u can just make a very quick sex.i mean my last sex was 4 minuts long only.that is very bad for the girl ,cause she didn`t start yet. or you can go under the knife and make repair operation.which is not easy or free of complications.  

Then, I came upon talk of a condition called "urethral stricture" and began to research it. It's basically when there is a blockage in your urethral from scar tissue resulting from either injury, or from infection (STD's, UTI's). As I gathered from wikipedia (can you believe it's been there the whole time? we just didn't know what to look for),  "The body's attempt to repair the damage caused by the injury or infection creates a buildup of scar tissue in the tract resulting in a significant narrowing or even closure of the passage. Instrumentation of the urethra, particularly before the advent of flexible uro-endoscopy, was (and remains) an important causative event.
Short strictures in the bulbar urethra, particularly between the proximal 1/3 and distal 2/3 of the bulb, may be congenital. They probably form as a membrane at the junction between the posterior and anterior urethral segments. It is not usually noticeable until later in life, as it fails to widen as the urethra does with growth, thus it only impedes urinary flow relative to the rest of the urethra after puberty. Moreover, the patient will often not "know any different", and so will not complain about poor flow.
The urethra runs between the legs very close to the skin, leaving it vulnerable to trauma. Simply falling off a bike and hitting between the legs may result in the formation of scar tissue within the urethra tract. This condition is often not found until the patient has problems urinating because these are painless growths of scar tissue."


Symptoms are:

Blood in the semen
Bloody or dark urine
Decreased urine output
Difficulty urinating
Discharge from the urethra
Frequent or urgent urination
Inability to urinate (urinary retention)
Painful urination (dysuria)
Pain in the lower abdomen
Pelvic pain
Slow urine stream (may develop suddenly or gradually)
Spraying of urine stream
Swelling of the penis

Causes are:

Urethral stricture may be caused by inflammation or scar tissue from surgery, disease, or injury. It may also be caused by pressure from an enlarging tumor near the urethra, although this is rare.

Other risks include:

A history of sexually transmitted disease (STD)
Any instrument inserted into the urethra (such as a catheter or cystoscope)
Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
Injury or trauma to the pelvic area
Repeated episodes of urethritis
Strictures that are present at birth (congenital) are rare. Strictures in women are also rare.

A physical examination may show the following:

Decreased urinary stream
Discharge from the urethra
Enlarged (distended) bladder
Enlarged or tender lymph nodes in the groin (inguinal) area
Enlarged or tender prostate
Hardness (induration) on the under surface of the penis
Redness or swelling of the penis
Sometimes the exam reveals no abnormalities.

Tests include the following:

Post-void residual (PVR) volume
Retrograde urethrogram
Tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea
Urinary flow rate
Urine culture
The urethra may be widened (dilated) during cystoscopy by inserting a thin instrument to stretch the urethra while you are under local anesthesia. You may be able to treat your stricture by learning to dilate the urethra at home.

If urethral dilation is not successful or possible, you may need surgery to correct the condition. Surgical options depend on the location and length of the stricture. If the stricture is short and not near the urinary sphincter, options include cutting the stricture via cystoscopy or inserting a dilating device.

An open urethroplasty may be done for longer strictures. This surgery involves removal of the diseased part followed by reconstruction. The results vary depending on the size and location, the number of treatments you have had, and the surgeon's experience.

In cases of acute urinary retention, a suprapubic catheter may be placed as an emergency treatment. This allows the bladder to drain through the abdomen.

There are currently no drug treatments for this disease. If all else fails, a urinary diversion -- appendicovesicostomy (Mitrofanoff procedure) -- may be done. This allows you to perform self-catheterization of the bladder through the wall of the abdomen.

All of this information and references is here:

ONE FACTOR THAT WAS PRESENT ALMOST EVERY TIME WAS EXCESSIVE DRINKING OF ALCOHOL. My thinking is that the alcohol breaks down the scar tissue due to excessive drinking and the urine passes it, which looks like blood clots or may very well be just that. Perhaps also, your veins and blood vessels are weakened when you drink heavy and when you get an erection a vessel pops at a point that the semen does not pass when you ejaculate, but when you urinate, urine passes those blood clots that were formed from the leaking blood and pushed into your bladder get passed as described by aym0ad in his post above.

I hope this helps everybody, even if it is a piece of the puzzle. I know how you feel. This absolutely *****! It also ***** that many doctors seem to not know about this as all of us are mentioning they go through multiple doctors and run all types of tests, but don't get anywhere.
I have posted a couple of times before as well.

The stricture was what I thought too but my flow was fine even though I have a split urine flow sometimes. They didn't see any blockage just scar tissue. First they thought that if it was a stricture that they would cut it but then there is the chance of bleeding again and scar tissue builds up and you get blockage and then they cut it and you bleed again and get scar tissue etc, never ending story.

the last thing they said was this:

"An open urethroplasty may be done for longer strictures. This surgery involves removal of the diseased part followed by reconstruction. The results vary depending on the size and location, the number of treatments you have had, and the surgeon's experience."

Not for a stricture but just to give me a new urethra, I'm not in favor of this as it is a severe operation.

I just keep calm and don't do it rough anymore or multiple times, it ***** but I'm blood free now at least for 7 months and I had it very badly!
Alcohol & viagra .seem to spark my symptoms of blood after sex so much that the clot blocks my urine and I have to go to emergency room to get a catheter .urologist can't give me any concrete reason why it reoccurs. I'm 49 years old healthy and this has been going on for the last 4 years cycostopy shows no abnormalities , it's definitely taking the excitement out of sex life , it's like rolling the dice or playing roulette . Give me an answer if you hear anything!
I took a photo of a HUGE clot using a flash. Interestingly the clot becomes an almost transparent jelly under that bright light.

I too have the exact same symptoms and have had on and off for the last ten years too be honest I have stopped doing most of the same tests over and over again with no diagnosis but if anyone does have the answer I am sure we would all like to hear it!!
I have had this problem for about 10 years.  It occurs every 2-3 years for 1-2 months, then disappears.  I have been through all of the tests with urologists with no cause found.

This most recent time I began talking Saw Palmetto (available in vitamin isle) and within a week my symptoms ceased.  I have no idea if it was the Saw Palmetto that caused my symptoms to stop, but the timing seems quite promising.

Just wanted to share my experience with the group...
Hey Youngsquire.  I have found your information much more enlightening than most.  I have a 46 year old fiance who is freaking out about the situation.  Happened the first time 3 nights ago with blood in semen followed by several times urinating with blood and then stopping.  He was feeling he must have prostate cancer.  I decided to read more about symptoms and have concluded that his being overweight, heavy drinker, not taking the right vitamins for better urinary/prostate health, and his lack of drinking enough water are all contributors.  As he has no insurance and is self employed in these financially trying times, the E.R. and doctor specialists is not an option to increase expense from a recent, yet freaky, experience.  Based on information from this forum, and particularly your post, I will assure him that he will be okay and to try some of the alternative ideas such as the Saw Palmetto, cutting out the alcohol, (which he should do anyhow) and take off weight (which should happen more easily with lack of alcohol).  I will also use my diabetic meter, of which I have not needed since losing 75 lbs., and see if his sugar levels are high.  Thank you for posting and helping to ease the mind of a very freaked out middle aged man.



  Taking finasteride might solve the problem

I've been dealing with this problem for about 10 years and started taking finasteride about 1 month ago. Since I started taking it I have not had any bleeding of any kind. I had less feeling during sex for a week or so, but thats started to improve and its definitely a huge improvement over worrying about the blood. My urologist has several patients with similar symptoms and finasteride has been successful in knocking out the problem in basically all of his patients. You don't often hear of this drug being prescribed to treat our condition as it is mainly used to treat BPH and actually its also used to treat male hair loss in the form of propecia which is 1/4 of the dose I take.

I can't say if this is a magic bullet or not, but I wanted to get this info out there and encourage you guys to talk to you urologist about taking finasteride and see if it makes a difference for you. I'm cautiously optimistic that this could actually be a good general treatment we could all benefit from.

Good luck
What WORKS for ME:

I am no doctor. So take this - if at all - as a mere option to consider asking your doctor about.

I get the blood clots in very irregular intervals. But the intervals seem to get longer apart.

What I do to "cure" it in one night is this:

1. DRINK A LOT of water. To the point very you barely can hold it anymore.
2. Now "EXCITE YOURSELF" (masturbation) and get as close to ejaculation as possible but DO NOT ejaculate. (If you do ejaculate wait a day and start all over again.)
3. Go to the toilet and PEE A LITTLE. Usually for me some clots leave my system within the first few seconds. As soon as all clots seem to have left the system stop peeing (so you still have to pee).
4. DRINK A LOT of water. Wait a minute until you think you can pee again.
5. Repeat steps 2., 3. and 4. until no more clots come out when peeing. For me this is usually between 3 and 7 times.
6. If no more clots leave the system while peeing, don't stop peeing.
7. Do not ejaculate this day or the next day.

This seems to work FOR ME. I don't know what your condition is. It might be something entirely different. So take the above as a mere hint what you can consider talking through with your doctor.

Anyway I hope the above steps can help some other people besides me. It is very relaxing to know what you can do proactively, if you find the blood clots again.

A related discussion, blood in semen and urine was started.
Has anyone had a TRUS exam and found any non malignant abnormalities that led to treatment?
My partner is experiencing same issue and it just keeps getting worse he is 30 we have near given up on the bang bang as its only during and after he's been to er 3 times and gp a few to we waiting for uroligist app he's had cts ultrasounds and prostate check, antibiotics and we just can't work it out :-( he experiences slight pain in nuts after the bleeds and clots I wish there was more help out there we've been together 11 years and thankfully have 3 beautiful children but its scary and sad we can't be affectionate its only been happening last 3 months but severe and every time,
Hi guys

for all those having pain or problems in testicles,penis, urinating blood due to reasons other than having std etc.

Please follow my remedies.

1) Eat alot of dry or fresh dates(fruit) everyday.
2) Take honey 2 tablespoon daily morning.
(Best take dates with honey)
3) Take alot of proteins.
4) Drink mineral water often.
5) Avoid taking fast food regularly.
6) Observe urinating reguarly.
7) Have some bottom part exercise like squarting etc.
8) Bite yr tongue & avoid any sexual activities for the 1st 5 weeks.
It includes mastubating, sex with a partner or anything to do with making yr penis stand hard.

Trust me these remedies have the natural powder to heal them.

Please take note these remedies are to heal any blood issues from the utherus. And the food i have mention to eat is give energy & strength during the healing period.

After the 5wks period have yr 1st slow ejacuvation.

Observe any blood or feel any pain.

If its good you are in the right track.
But don't get too excited.

Give abt another 3weeks period for the 2nd ejacuvatin.

Then 1week later. If all good, follow 1wk to ejac period for abt 2mths.

If still it is good you are assure recovering.
But rmbr at all times follow the remedy.

Take aspirin daily, do not exceed the maximum dosage. Aspirin thins your blood and as a result lessens the possibility of blood clots; doctors use aspirin to prevent heart attacks for this reason
Hey Guys,

I'm 24 years old and have experienced hematospermia during 3 different spells in my life. I want to lay out the conditions in which it happened, what I went through, and how I think it come about/goes away. Also, I must say, nobody understands this condition unless they've experienced it and doctors can be a little insensitive and unreassuring.

About me: 24 years old, hyperactive athlete who lifts/runs/bike rides/plays soccer for a total of roughly 20 workouts/week. I'm a "White" (Scottish-Italian decent) who eats a ton spicy food, owns his own business (normal stress), and drinks alcohol and smokes marijuana 5 days/week. I take a Megamen sports vitapak with caffeine and criatene in it and Vyvance 70mg and Adderall (adderrall) 10mg roughly 5 days/week.

The First Time: Oct. 2011
A year and a half ago my mom of mesothelioma (cancer everywhere) and I wasn't taking it so well. I got drunk (and smoked out hard) for probably a week without any sex or masturbation. When I returned home, I had drunk, emotional sex with my girlfriend and ejaculated a lot of blood, only I didn't realize it. I thought she had started her period. I didn't pee after sex and, to my surprise, in the morning I painfully peed thick dark blood (roughly 1/2 cup) with roughly no urine visible.

I nearly fainted and freaked out, but didn't go to the hospital as the blood disappeared over the next 1-2 urinations. I abstained from sex for 3 days and maintained my extreme exercise routines (I'm ADHD and a former collegiate soccer/lacrosse player.) Thankfully, the next time I had sex, it was clear. I didn't go to the hospital or anything.

Second Time: Dec. 25, 2012
After abstaining from sex and drinking hard for about a week during Xmas break, my girlfriend and I had sex (very drunk and in the dark), but I thought I saw a little blood, not nearly as pronounced so I couldn't tell in the dark. Again I waited until morning and when I went to pee a very thick, congealed clot shot out, but the rest was mostly pink pee. Not as extreme as the first instance but still quite painful and scary. Once again I waited a few days my ejaculation cleared.

After asking every male I trust if they ever had this experience, only my brother said 'Yes', but like me up to this point, he said it only happened once.

Third AND WORST Feb. 11 - 25, 2013
During Mardi Gras in New Orleans, I was really drunk for 4 days straight and during sex, ejaculated a complete load of thick, dark blood (probably like the 1st time). Only this time I saw it because I pulled out, and subsequently freaked out because it was the first time I saw it in the act. Once again I urinated dark blood for about 4s (1/4 cup) ish and like the first instance, my pee cleared on the next urination.

Next time I had sex (2 days later) it happened again! I was really scared this time because the problem didn't just go away. I went to a urologist and nearly fainted recounting my story for the first time. He said my pee was clean (no blood or noticeable infection) and that hematospermia was benign in 99% of cases under 40 years olds. I was not satisfied and insisted I thought it was serious.

He prescribed me Ciproflaxin for 2 weeks. 2 days and 5 days on the antibiotic, my GF and I tried to have sex but still blood in semen and first urination after! I was obsessively paranoid that my situation may become chronic. I did roughly 40 hours of research and calling doctors in fear.

One DR told me "Turn the lights off, stop looking at your ejaculate. Don't think about it so much." I was enraged!!! How can I not think abt it! I'm afraid to have sex, ejaculate, get aroused. (I had read some guys pee blood after their aroused, not just after an ejaculation). I didn't masturbate or have sex for 9 days, during which I had minor abdominal, testicular, and lower back sensitivity. Every day I felt a little better but was still really frightened and uncomfortable.

With only two days left on my Cipro, I finally mustered up the courage to masturbate (imagine that). I was scared and got hard, let it go soft, urinated normally, and decided to return to the 'bating.

I closed my eyes and ejaculated on a white towel, opened one eye to the relief of pearly white semen. I peed and that was great too.

Am going to wait one more day to try sex (if I can hold her off) but wanted to give everyone an update of a hopefully encouraging story.

In Summary:
I've never had to go to the hospital and have always been able to pass the clot or blood wall or whatever. But not without almost fainting. It can get painful but if u squat over the toilet and put very light pressure on your prostate you usually can pass the blood. You just have to power through it, and cope however you can. Cold/Warm rag, water, company (if you have a partner) and reassuring words helped me.

Helpful Preventative Remedies:
- Cranberry Juice
- Zinc and Niacin in your diet
- Protein & Calcium (chocolate milk helps prevent and make you feel better)
- Take your vitamins (I think every occurrence has been under heavy alcohol, rough sex, and without my vitamins)

Hope everyone out there finds their 'cure' or at least a way you can manage the hematospermia and the intense stress it causes.

Support each other! This thread made me scared with some of the stories but ultimately helped in my understanding of the subject and my mental state!
I am 46, am quite fit, hardly drink any alcohol, don't smoke, live on an organic farm in Costa Rica, and most all my food is extremely fresh and clean.  I have had two bouts of blood clots in my bloody pee after prolonged sex (just like most everyone else here), about a week apart.  

I have read this entire thread and see not much about causes, and lots of tests being done without any results (everything coming back negative).  Does anyone have a report on successful treatment options??
I had this problem too, twice in December 2012 and once in January 2013. I visited my GP, a urinalysis was clear and I was referred to a urologist for ultrasound and flexible cystoscopy, again all was clear. On reflection I realised that on the occasions that this occurred I had been drinking during the previous evening and I was probably dehydrated. I am now much more aware of the need for good hydration and to date I have not had a re-occurrence. I have did a little research into blood in urine/semen and it can affect athletes after long distance running etc so this would support my dehydration theory!
Do u have G6PD?
Thank you for providing that information. I also had a really similar experience, except the peeing part was not painful, and i have not had feelings of fainting. It happened on and off for me as well, i think the main reasons are rough sex (sometimes its not even rough, its just that the girl is arching her back in a way that kinda bends your penis when you are inside, which will damage it since when your penis is hard, it cannot bend). Usually I will feel the need to pee after sex and then blood comes out and a little blood clot since I believe your body is trying to heal the wound, sort of like scab forming on an outside wound, so when you are peeing, it is just pushing out the cloth that has formed around your wound. This only happens to me after sex. I have no symptoms, I just feel like peeing, it does not hurt, sometimes i only notice when when i look down and it is not pee. So now i am thinking it is physical damage from sex. Maybe drinking/smoking weakens your blood vessels and combined with strenuous sex, will burst blood vessels and it takes time to heal. I am also googling foods/ways to improve healing of blood vessels as I believe for me this is purely a physical wound. I just wanted to add something, thanks for the info. BUT i am still thinking of going to the doctor, more tests never hurt.
just wanted to know if you had any other side affects from finasteride.. muscle loss etc. I have a script as I have this problem and I was affraid of side affects. Let me know its been a year since your post? I have ed and take viagra but was thinking this problem may have been causing that as well..
Padron,Im 62 I have had blood and blood clots in my urine after sex for 3 years that I know of.. PSA good bladder biopsy good .. still have it.. its gotten worse the last 2 months.. I use viagra for intercourse.. And have blood after next day etc.. urologist says chronic prostititis.. He gave me Advadart trial and finasteride script.. I was affraid to take it as it said some lean muscle loss happens.. What did you notice.. If it works like you said maybe I should just bite the bullet.. Let me know how you are doing .. Its been a year since your post.

I was on finasteride for about 6 months and didn't notice any significant improvement. At first I thought it was helping but it turned out to just coincide with my usual pattern of having it for about 2 months and then not having it for about 2 months.

My main urologist says he has several patients who had success with finasteride for treating hematospermia… but a key differentiator is that none of them had it as consistently and as severely as I do.

I have about 3 different urologists (1 main guy and 2 others I rarely see) and a hematologist. All of them have seen my symptoms, but none of them has dealt with a case as consistent as mine over 10 years or more. I point that out because I'm not always sure that people have the same thing that I have. Cystoscopy shows nothing, MRI shows nothing abnormal besides blood clots in bladder (which is to be expected given the condition).

If I was to give you any advice I would say go ahead and try the finasteride for 6 months. Keep detailed notes on you condition and medication during that time. You want to know how you symptoms are reacting so any correlation can be assessed (remember - correlation is not a cause itself.. but it is a cause to investigate).

I also suggest you see a hematologist and get a comprehensive lab done for clotting factors and iron levels. My clotting tests were normal… but it did turn out that I have low iron levels as a result of all this sustained blood loss. This is something most people probably aren't thinking about and I had to get a hematologist before that question was even on the table.

I wish I had a solution to the problem but I feel that there is no single thing to fix. I believe there is something going on with an overactive inflammatory response due to stress, possibly some weak vein walls, and perhaps lifestyle and dietary elements as well. I think in general the more this gets into the medical system the better. I've had to constantly educate my doctors on the specifics of my condition and they always tell me there is nothing like this in their experience.

Good luck with the finasteride. Be cautiously optimistic, and keep detailed records of your symptoms (evernote or a google spreadsheet are two free apps that can help you keep track of things)
Thanks Padron but I am still afraid to start the finasteride. I have read that some loss of sexual desire happens.. If you had said you saw a gain in the blood clots I would have tried it.. Also the warnings note some symptoms may stay after discontinuing the use... I have a hernia in my left groin area now so I am going to get that looked at and then back on this problem.. My problem appears to be worsening now.. although it is still only after sex like for 2 days I will have blood and clots in my urine.. None in my sperm..  It does burn a bit though.I get little clots a week or so after could be from morning erections.. No where near as large as when I have sex. I'm starting a vitamin called Niacin now and see if it helps .I have also cut my caffeine  .
Hi chaps. You're not alone. This is the last of disorders we guys ever willing to face,  but here we are. At least we can share our experiences and try to collect some useful information from it.

I'm 31 now. I'm very familiar with most of the symptoms. I have do have abnormal anatomy though. only one (right) testicle since my birth. I had remains of left side testicle and epidymis when I was born, but at the age of 2, the surgeon removed all remaining remnants. He also looked for the left testicle from my inguinal canal way up there. It could be that I had under developed left testicle because my mother had chickenpox infection in 7th month of preqnancy. Otherwise I'm as normal as man can be, Up till 29 years of age I've had plenty of joyful sex and plenty of masturbation. I have healthy daugther, born in 2009. So everything had to be ok down there. Before 2011.

I've had the first blood scenario in april 2011 during sex with my woman (with 4-5 dozes of beer involved). I had to keep it from cumming, I remember. She was on top of me. I remember having "premature Ejaculation" when she quickly moved away ( so I didn't not *** inside her). That point I felt like keeping it from ejaculating a bit too much and had to release some. It was blood mixed with seamen. Blood clots following that. Since then it has occured occasionally now 7 times in two years. Antibiotics might have helped, as longest time not having bloody ejaculation / blood during erection was after taking 10-20 day course of antibiotics. Eventually it happened again. Last saturday night I was having sex and again, alcohol (10 dozes of it) involved. 10 minutes of having erection and doing oral pleasure for her we decided to go for it. It was 5 mins of pushing from behind and I suddenly noticed a leak of blood in tip of my penis. Blood clot was so big this time that I had to push very hard and three different times to get it out. Finally it came out. quite big one.
Tests done: PSA, rectal prostate exam twice, scrotum ultrasound. urine tests. all normal.

90% of my incidents, alcohol was involved. Moderate 3-4 dozes to as high as 10 dozes. When sober (most of the time during the week) I can keep erection and masturbate gently without problems, almost daily. Sex with relatively fast body movements during sex seems to be one of the triggers as well as the angle of the penis when going in and out as it could change to pressure inside genital area.

My take on this is: Pressure in genital area, high amount of sexual excitement + alcohol seems to be one of the triggers. Sex position could affect the amount of pressure down there and make it leak blood easier. I'm not sure if it's blood weak vessel in prostate area or seminal vesicles or what. Doctors seems to be mostly unsure as well. Alcohol amount could affect the size and amount of blood clots. Alcohol is a kind of blood thinner and makes the blood pressure to peak when using excessive amounts. The pressure makes blood to bleed even more and faster. Clotting is natural reaction of body as it's the way of healing itself, so clots alone doesn't worry me, but passing then are the worst part. What I've noticed, blood clots doesn't always form. Sometimes blood comes with ejaculation sometimes before it. There's many variables. if the blood comes with ejaculation, chances are there's no visible blood in urine right after, but when slowly leaking blood, there usually is. One thing is sure, pressure makes us bleed. We need to know what made us prone to bleed under pressure, what can be the cause of this ? Is our body weakened ? What is our mental state and physical state at the moment of the incident. I do sit A LOT. +8h a day. that's what I do for living. I'm entrepreneur and I do stress  A LOT. This is like a cycle that just pulls you in again and again. We need remain strong. stronger than many thought even possible.

All the best.

Thank you for this forum.  I just turned 40 few months ago and run a small business.  I do masturbate a lot once to twice a day.  Suddenly, 2 weeks ago, I ejaculated with blood on sperm but urine is clean.

Then, I tried again (few days later ) to see if it is still there, yes, there still is.

Then, when I peed it for the first few times, I saw blood clots (small but visible).  It happened twice more then no more blood clot but urine is now yellowish.

This is something that I have done that I believe might have caused this (correct me if I am wrong).

a.) I drank a lot of coconut water (1 Liter) a day.  I heard that it dilates ur blood vessel.  Could this have caused some blood vessel to break. Could this also cause our "thingy" to expand that would result in a breakage of blood vessel ?

b.) I have been drinking a lot of coffee and soy milk lately.  Could this cause a dehydration in my body (same effect as alcohol)?

c.) I do like eating spicy food.

I had an ultrasound yesterday so I hope all will be well.

I look forward for your comment.
Hello Hanski & Group,

I just got my ultrasound and it looks like I have kidney stone and enlarged prostate.  I got advised to take anti-biotic and hopefully in 2 weeks time I will be okay.

The Doctors advice me to eat healthy and stay away from junk food!

This is a life changing moment for me and for everyone who has shared their personal experience. G-D bless for a speedy recovery!
Similar story, a few months ago masturbating passed a small clot. Nothing since until last week, having sex with a condom on and thought she had started her period but realised it was a little blood oozing from the tip of my penis. Went for a pee and felt blocked then a clot popped out followed by a wine red stream of urine which cleared at the end. Then we went away for a few days and had sex at least twice a day and each time no blood in semen but after same thing..clots and blood filled urine after straining to pass clots. I've searched the net but found nothing that helps until i found this forum. I will be following this forum closely from now on.
Ultrasound is clear, so kidneys, prostate, bladder and Aorta are all fine
just to let you know I had blood in my urine for 3 years..I had all the test done biopsy of the bladder and prostate..3 cat scans All cam back negative .. The blood always seemed to come after sex with clots..Yesterday I had another bladder biopsy.. They found many pollups /tumors .. I now have to have a deep tissue biopsy of the bladder to see how far they have rooted into the bladder.. I urge you to be careful . I thought they were looking in the wrong area .I thought it was prostatitus . It s far more serious.. Go back to your uroligist and be sure..
Sorry to hear your story. For those who experience this (like me), I found one more evidence, that this can be a potentially serious condition (http://www.****************/blood_clots_from_a_penis_after_sex_in_his_urination__t89854.html?page=5). This has been happening to me for about 5 years now and it seems it's getting worse. I had these tests done: Cystoscopy (2 years ago), CT scan (recently), cytology (check of urine for cancerous cells under microscope), sonography... all came back negative. I am 34 and my bleeding episodes happen to me only during winter times. I am going to visit hematologist next week cause I have some small coagulation issues. For everybody - this condition seems to be usually harmless (for example http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2966226/), however it can be potentially dangerous, so don't try to selfdiagnose. Ccmass, I wish you all the best, hopefully it is just benign condition. BTW, you obviously have gone through lots of tests - did you also undergo cystoscopy (insertion of small wire like tube ito your penis up to bladder)? This seems to be the bast way to check the bladder condition af if you did, I wonder why it didn't show anything...
Anything new on this issue. I am a 35 years old and I experience the same thing
Has anyone associated their condition to the winter time? For me, it always starts in December and doesn't stop until March or April. Always when it starts getting cold. Can't even get mildly chubbed up without passing blood in urine afterwards.
I am a 74-year-old male.  I have had two episodes of blood in my urine and both were after ejaculation.  I went to the urologist both times, about three years apart, and the second time I had a complete workup including scope, CT Scan, blood tests, etc.  I, of course, was thinking the worst, imagining that it was cancer of the bladder.  After all the tests came back negative, the doctor performed a scope into the bladder and confirmed there were no tumors etc., but there were large veins in the prostate and it's very likely that because I have a large prostate and it's irritated a lot, that one of those veins can break through and cause bleeding.  Now that I know what it is, I don't have to go back to the doctor every time it happens.  I just drink lots of water to keep things flowing, and it stops relatively quickly.  Of course if it doesn't stop, and you're bleeding a lot, for a long period of time, then you should go back to the doctor.
Hi all
I can't start telling you how happy I am to have found this community. This is my only good news. I've been dealing with this issue for about 8 yeas now and no happy ending in sight. I just felt that I should respond to some of you who think that your joint smoking is doing this to you. I have never touched pot in my life and it really seems that we all suffer from the exact same condition. Like most of you, I don't have pain while urinating even though it looks like you I'm  peeing just blood. The worst and most disturbing part is when having sex you get the surprise of having the wrong body fluid coming out of your penis and having to explain what has no explanation. In my case, it happens maybe once a year and it repeats for about a few days and then it's gone til maybe next year? I'm a 40 yo gay man who's habits ARE HEALTHIER THAN MOST PEOPLE I KNOW. I'm fit, never had a weight problem, exercise regularly, dance very often, eat well, never smoked and drink just when I go out on weekends. As many of you already reported, I had two cystoscopies done, CT scan, ultrasound, urine samples, blood samples, HIV tests and the list can go on and on. The results are no different than the ones many have gotten: nothing is wrong except for some UTI they thought the blood actually caused it.
At this point, even using public restrooms, became something to be conscious about since I never know when it's going to happen again.
To finish my post without repeating what you already read elsewhere, I have a personal speculation to report. When I drink alcohol(which I started only about 10 years ago), I get really horny for long periods of time. I also know that if I drink more than two glasses of vodka cranberry, my heart rate goes up to the roof.. Again, after a very fun night of dancing, having 3 drinks and getting really horny, the blood was there in my urine with some small clots this morning. At this point, it just makes sense to me that if a vessel is weak, your heart rate goes higher than normal, making more blood rush through your vein due to some good excitement; this could be a reason for some sort of rupture that leads to the excessive bleeding. Again this is just my 2 cents on the issue. Thank you all for being brave and sharing your embarrassing stories that I can totally relate to. I live in NYC and I am totally open to discuss this issue personally with other people suffering from this terrible condition. Any meet up groups you know about? I think a support group has  to be formed if none is existent. Thanks for sharing and listening.
I hope you are feeling better. I just had an incident today. I do think you make a lot of sense. Please read my testimonial I posted today. I feel that alcohol is a major trigger to this condition.
Best of luck
Hi there
I hope you found some answers. I'm 40 yo and this is still a mystery. After a year without any symptoms, it happened again. I can associate the alcohol as a trigger since it increases the blood flow and if it makes you horny, most likely you will face some bleeding shortly after if not during sexual act. Pls keep us posted on any success.
Take care
It first happened to me while I was living in Miami. Super humid hot weather. Not sure if that would be the actual trigger. Good luck getting some answers.
I have had this problem for years. I am 68. constantly getting biopsies and cystoscope and nothing. Have not always associated it with sex. but 2 days now i have masturbated and both times the next time i pee, blood. then nothing
not going to doctor anymore after reading these posts
thanks everone for sharing
I have had this problem for years. I am 68. constantly getting biopsies and cystoscope and nothing. Have not always associated it with sex. but 2 days now i have masturbated and both times the next time i pee, blood. then nothing
not going to doctor anymore after reading these posts
thanks everone for sharing
Hello guys,

The truth is that I feel more relieved after reading all your comments. I see that there's not just an isolated issue. I'd like to say that I can relate with what is happening to most of you:

First I ejaculate (with blood), then I go to pee and blood comes out along with some clots (some of them quite big), and in the next urination, everything's back to normal, the urine clears up.

Now I'd like to share what solved my problem (it may or not work for you). I realized that I had the first episode after a workout, I added a new exercise to my routine which was quite demanding, so I thought there could be some kind of connection between this excercise and the bleeding.

What I did was: I stopped doing this exercise of course, and I avoided any sexual stimulation for a period of two weeks (as many of you has pointed out), I ate healthy and incorporated a lot of protein to my diet (I'm cuasi-vegetarian) along with fruits and raw food in general. I also reduced the intensity of my exercises.

This solved the problem, at least, for the moment. I haven't had any other episode in two weeks. So I definitely think it had something to do with some vessel or something that needed to be completely healed. I also started having sex little by little, I mean I didn't have rough sex right after these two weeks, I begin to increase the sexual activity gradually.

Hope this helps,
I meant:

*It's not just an isolated issue.
*as many of you have pointed out.

I'm not a native speaker, sorry.

Take care guys!
Hi all. I've had this for over 7 years now. After countless hours studying, talks with GPs and specialists and the occasional test I have come back with the weirdest answer. Now. I cannot be sure yet of the cause and the precise answer but I know enough that I can bring it on and stop it from happening.

I feel that this is some sort of blood vessel inflamation (inflammation). I have rheumatoid arthritis and have had problems with my tendons not being very elastic since my teens.

Anyways as I said I have stumbled on a bit of an answer. It's an energy drink called V. I drink one bottle a day and the problem isnt there. No matter what I do its just not there. Stop drinking it for 3 days and it comes back. Just a bit at first then gets progressively bad until I drink V again for about 3 days. The closest product with similar ingredients I can find thats world wide is Red Bull.

Anyone care to give it a go? 1 a day? The only time I have had a bit of blood in the past year was when I stopped drinking it for a few days. A few days of V and it was sorted again.

Good luck. I sincerely hope this helps a few people. I know exactly how devistating this can be.
Just reread my post and I sound like a nut job. There is an interesting item in a lot of energy drinks called Glucuronolactone. Basically Glucuronolactone is a naturally occurring chemical that is an important structural component of nearly all connective tissues. Not sure if its that or a couple of other strange items in there but it seems to work for me.

Hi everyone,

So glad to have found this thread and find out that I'm not alone. I've had this problem for about a year now, it all started after having very rough drunken sex with my ex-girlfriend. I had to go to the ER since I was unable to urinate and all that came out was just pure deep red blood. Eventually a huge clot was passed and I was able to urinate a mixture of blood and urine, passed a few more clots and then I was allright.

I was prescribed Furadantin for UTI since they found "traces" of an infection in the "urine" sample I provided them with at the ER (was almost entirely blood).
At first I thought this would help and that I might have ruptured something inside that got infected and that this would cure it. I followed through with the 10 day dosage and the bleeding came back again after only being slightly turned on at day 7. That's when I realized this is something else than just an UTI.

A week later I went to the ER again and faked being in pain so that they would carry out all the necessary tests. They did an ultrasound on my testicles, found out that I had increased bloodflow in my left testicle and epididymis and that the epididymis might be inflamed, this was to resolve itself.

An hour later I had a CAT-scan done and kidneys etc was healthy.

I went back home, had no more issues for two months and then it came back. I was really concerned now and scared of course. I'd had loads of sex without any blood or bloodclots and now it came back.

I had a cystoscopy done to rule out bladder cancer, all they found was that I hade delicate vessels that might rupture. The urologist of course didn't know specifically what to look for in my case since this is such an unknown condition.

After the painful cystoscopy I was symptom free for two months, then after having sex while under the influence of alcohol, another episode occurred. It has now occurred on almost every single sexual encounter since (they've been few and far apart, and under the influence).

I'm very happy to have found this: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2966226/

Which is what I'm bringing to my doctor on Thursday (17/07/2014) to enlighten him on this issue.
I'll be sure to post back here what happens, hopefully I'll get to see a competent urologist who can take a thorough look on that report and examine me in the same way. My hopes are to undergo the same treatment that the subjects in the paper were.

I'll be sure to post back.
Best regards and good luck guys!
I am 40 yrs old and experience a sharp pain while I was about to ejaculate during sex. I noticed blood on the bed and taught maybe it is from my girlfriend... Then went to use the rest room two hours later and saw a thick red blood again and noticed all day when I pea..there are drops of blood. After a whole of smh wondering what's going on... The blood stop... So I masturbate and saw the blood within the semen.. Then I pause on sex or masturbation for five days and did not see any sign of blood. Ve made a doc appointment and wondering what is going on...
Hello everyone. I'm a 66-year-old GWM who experienced this for the first time in March of 2013. Don't drink, don't smoke, don't use any supplements other than a daily multivitamin and fish oil. I do take two meds for hypertension. This happened after a routine (not rough, not especially prolonged) masturbation. There was bloody semen, followed by blood dripping from my penis and bloody urine. Went to ER, was told "This is not an emergency. You need to see a urologist." Went to see a urologist, who performed all the tests most of you have had: cystoscopy, MRI, urodynamics, etc. Was told I have a "ginormous prostate" and a muscular bladder. Seems you don't want a muscular bladder. Underwent surgery for TURP and suprapubic tube placement, along with several months of various prescription medications.

When all was said and done, SPT was removed, went back to peeing normally, nothing had changed. Still had blood in semen, but urine soon cleared up. Doc said "we would expect" to still see blood in semen for many weeks after the TURP. Since I still had my many other urinary problems (very frequent urination, urgency, leakage, odor, dampness, etc.), the doctor was disappointed. The next thing he wanted to try was a Botox injection into the bladder. I declined, and eventually the blood stopped appearing in the semen.

Recently, it has returned. Again, it happens only after ejaculation. The blood doesn't appear in the semen yet, but several hours after ejaculation, the urine is pink, then bright red, then dark red until the clot(s) pass. There was a month of abstinence between the first and second incidents of this most recent episode. The last time, there was either one giant clot that broke apart while passing, or many moderate sized clots. It all passed fairly easily and painlessly, but I'm concerned that it might get to the point where I can't urinate at all. I'm a long way from an ER if I need to be catheterized to remove urine. There's also the fear of having urine back up into the kidneys.

I realize I'm not adding anything new to this discussion, just another anecdotal record of similar experiences. I'm going to follow this forum. Be assured that I empathize and support each and every one of you. Courage.
     living with that condition for 8 years now... on and off... serching again for answers... got a lot of test done... cysto etc... nothing to be found. Got clogged bad once (have to go to the er... worst day of my life... still is...).
got away for more than one year but it is back again... was looking if there is more answers than last year... forced to see that there no solution found yet.would like to know if there sombody has a vasectomi done...not sur i want somebody to play around there... but could be a solution? Got 2 kids in the last 3 years so it does not affect fertility. The most important thing to remember is to go pee ASAP when signs of it...  ***NEVER SLEEP OVER IT OR YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE BELEIVE ME...**** will get back more often to see if somebody got vasectomie and still have this condition... thanks and keep searching for answers.
For me I'm masterbed  in my room then. We have a redblood cell not white cell
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