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blue fingers
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blue fingers

My fingers and toes turn blue and hurt badly in cold, actually turned black and doctor in er said they where
Self amputating. Why does this happen, can I stop it from happening?
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First of all you have to see another doctor. That comment is absurd and unhelpful. There are treatments available for your condition, and you have to find a doctor who will take the time to listen to you. You need a definitive diagnosis. The directions are (1) red cell anomaly (see a hematologist for a consult) and (2) problems with microcirculation (often L-arginine will help). You need an in-person evaluation. There is no reason to have your toes/fingers amputated.
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My brother is a quadriplegic and his toes did that because he wasnt getting any circulation to them.. they turned purple and black and swelled up.. I've never heard of fingers doing that, maybe bad circulation? Its like the blood isn't circulating in them.. I wouldn't worry to much unless they swell up like balloons.. in my brothers circumstance they had to amputate but remember he's a quad.. their body doesn't have very good circulation.. I would see a good Dr. And get checked out..
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This is serious enough and if the doctors are not taking this seriously,
it puts you at risk to have your fingers amputated.
You may have to insist to get a referral to see a vascular specialist.

This may take time, so for now. consider to do some things on your own.

You can use cayenne pepper powder, flour and water and make a paste-poultice to put over a cloth and then over the affected areas.

MSM powder contains organic sulfur, which will nelp transport much needed oxygen to the tissues. Sulfer is one of the 3 main oxygen transporters, besides selenium and tellurium and easily tolerated as a
supplement through MSM. I'd start with 1/4t x 2 daily w/juice or water and increase to 1/2t x 2 daily within 2 weeks.

Watermelon-the natural viagra- has vasodilating properties, when using all parts of it--> the green, white and red parts (blended/mashed), as it will help increase nitric oxide (nitric oxide improves blood circulation). It contains citulline and lycopene, key nutrients through which these great medicinal properties manifest.
One thing to note here though is than nitric oxide as beneficial as it is,
has a  subtype which causes inflammation in the long term
(its production is catalized by Inducible  nitric oxide synthase-iNOS), so in order to keep it under control, one needs ample glutathione levels.
I take UNDENATURED whey protein isolate daily (2 x 30 grams) not heated and not using a blender, in my juice or smoothie- its aminoacids which are the precursors to glutatione in this powder have a very delicate chemical structure- to keep my glutathione levels high.
Glutathione is the MASTER antioxidant and one of the most important detoxification agents in the body. There are over 100.000 studies on glutathione and I can safely bet that you have never heard anything about it from your doctor.
Oops, I just realized I'm going on and on here, but at least now you have
some basics to work with, if you are willing to consider them, however,
please note that my comments and suggestions are not intended to replace medical advice.

Best wishes.
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