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body temperature up and down
I am just wondering if this is normal and why it happens.

Every single day I get severely cold at about 2 p.m.  Always at the same time.  I shake, my hands are like ice, I have to wrap up in blankets, put on sweatshirts, etc. for about 1 hour or so, then it goes away and I'm warm again.  At the time this happens, my temperature is normal.  

Any ideas, or is this just a normal variation in body temperature?  I should note as well, that every day around 4 or so in the afternoon, I get really hot, my temperature actually goes up to about 99, then goes back down after an hour or so.  Again, this happens almost every day, not just when ill.  

It's not like I feel sick when this happens, and I know that temperature does vary throughout the day, but this seems so extreme.  I am only 30, so it's not menopause, at least I don't think.  I am nursing right now and wonder if it could be a hormonal thing.  
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