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chest pain / red face
Dear everyone,

I'm Quinn, 28 years old, 5'8" tall 65Kg. I was a healthy person, i don't drink , i don't smoke. I never been admitted to hospital for any disease. Though i was food poisoned mid 2010. i stayed in the hospital for 1 week and i had UTI (urinary track infection). the following years am ok, i never been so sick though i had cols sometimes. then i worked in Palau April 2011. i stayed there for 3 months. Part of the government requirements foreign employees should undergo medical exam at Palau Ministry of health..before i went to Palau i had medical in my country and all is normal. In Palau i undergo another chest x-ray and it's also normal however when i undergo on a skin test for TB i got 11mm length so they give me Isoniazid even i don't have TB. They advised me to take this medication for 6 months..until i left Palau July 2011. Since then i stopped talking it and i never get sick Then September 2011 i started working on my new job it is stressful..i travel an hour and a half going to office..then i walk and pass busy streets and polluted places. December 2011 i had a cough for weeks and when i had my check up..i was diagnosed with asthma..in our family all my bros and sis had asthma during their childhood and i dont have asthma. so i've been taking asthma medication like rotahaler when my asthma attacks and turbulaher as maintenance..i had flu vaccine too and then i stopped the medications after 5 months.i become alergic to chicken too and some seafoods....i was taking usana food supplements and my asthma stopped attacking since then, my i had a regular vowel, i feel good everyday and i never felt tired..i can even sleep properly.Then 3 2 months i go i ran out of this supplements and stopped taking it coz i dont have time to buy for it and it's not that cheap.
Two weeks ago..i felt tired, i cant sleep well...i had problem with my vowel..sometimes am constipated. Then 1 day i experienced difficulty in breathing, when i walk a lil i pant quickly. i feel pain on the middle part of my back, chest pain and headache and my face and ears turned red and i feel so hot like i have a fever..i asked our our nurse to check my temperature and BP and it's normal..then decided to go to the hospital..first week i went there it was diagnosed as allergic from the food i ate ( squid and salmon) and from the cream am using ( BL cream).. i was in the ER for hours..they injected 2 types of medicine into my veins..i feel asleep for hours then i woke up ok..then they prescribed me with anti allergy drugs...i took it for 1 week as prescribed..however, week after that..i experienced pain on my middle back, chest pain, palpitation, feeling hot like i have a fever, my face turned red and my ears too..so i go back to the hospital..i was confined for 5 days..all my tests were normal..except that i was diagnosed with UTI according to the doctor my urine have some blood stain and the white something is high..and i my cholesterol is high too like 210 ..they told me it is connected with my chest pain and inconsistent BP..( my bp raise on some times) making my face red and etc..so prescribed me with antibiotics etc..according to my cardio..my chest xray and etc r normal..the internist doctor told me that my body is stressed too..i was taking all their medicine and i become ok,they prescribed me ciproflaxin and vultaren cream that i have to apply for my back pain :-(..i was advised to go back after 2 weeks for some laboratory test, like CBC, and 3 other blood tests and my cardio advised me to monitor if i will still experience chest pain..if i do i have to take a treadmill test-stress test.. :-(
right now after a week and i returned to work..i experienced the same symptoms.. i have constant back pain sometimes i feel pain on my chest and i my face and ears turned red..i feel palpitations on my heart and my bp rise..i hope i can get any feedback from anyone here..before i go back to my doctor.

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In addition to thorough testing of your heart, including a nuclear medicine stress stress, an event holter monitor to look for problems with your heart, an echocardiogram, and cardiac enzyme testing post chest pain, they might want to check other things.

Since you are having the symptoms of palpitations and blood pressure rises, I recommend as soon as possible after an episode, you try to get a fasting blood test called plasma free metanephrines.  It is very sensitive for ruling out a rare tumor called pheochromocytoma, which potentially can in episodes release high levels of catecholamines, which can cause spikes in blood pressure and palpitations, while at other times having quiet periods where catecholamines are normal.    

They might also want to check your cortisol level.

They might want to check into learning if you have autonomic dysfunction.  For example, mast cell activation disorder, one thing which can cause flushed face, can be a problem sometimes associated with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (P.O.T.S.), a form of intolerance to being in the standing position, which causes palpitations, can cause spikes in blood pressure, and chest pain.

You aren't taking niacin are you?  That can make the face flush and feel hot.

Since pain is in your back, presumedly on the left side, have they also taken a look at your pancreas and stomach to rule out a problem with either of those?

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Apreciate your feedback on my post and for the info.

Based on my final diagnosis when i was confined in the hospital for 5 days was -- UTI with microhematuria and displipidemia

I decided to go today to my internist for my followup check up. As she requested, i had laboratory tests for CBC, Urine Analysis. RPT, ALT and AST.

on my blood chemistry result, it shows

Test name               Result         Units       reference values
SGOT(AST)              32               U/L            17-59
SGPT(ALT)               40               U/L             21-72

my CBC, PLT shows

Parameter          Result      Flags    Units           Normal Range
hemoglobin         154.0                   g/dL             130 - 170
hematocrit           0.47                                         0.4 - 0.5
red cell count       5.48                                         4.5 - 5.5
white cell count    7.16                    10^9/L            5 - 10
neuthophils          0.550                                        0.55 - 0.65
lymphocytes        0.400       +                               0.25 - 0.35
monocytes          0              -                                0.02 - 0.1
eosinophils          0.050       +                                0.02 - 0.04
basophils             0                                               0  -  0.05
platelet               253.00                   10^9/L            140 - 340
mcv                    85.00       -              fL                  86  -  100
mch                   28.10                      pg                  26  -  31
mchc                 33.00                      g/dL               31  - 37

my urinalysis says

color - yellow
transparency - slightly (something i cant understand the handwriting)

wbc  -  6-8 /hpf
rbc  -  5-7 /hpf
bacteria - (blank, nothing indicated)
e.cells - (blank, nothing indicated)
amorphous urates - (i cant understand the hand writing )
mucous threads  - (blank, nothing indicated)
cast - (blank, nothing indicated)
crystals - (blank, nothing indicated)

chemical examination
blood   -     + (i think this means positive)
biliburin - negative
urobilinogen - negative
ketone - negative
albumin - negative
nitrite - negative
sugar - negative
pH -    7.5
specific gravity -   1.015

my internist said all the test the conducted to me was normal even the pasts test  had when i was adminitted in the hospital, (ECG, kindney, bladder ultrasound, chest x-ray, CBC, RPT, ALT and AST) except for 1 thing -- blood on my urine  :-(  

my internist told me that since the medications she gave me didnt work etc -- she reffered me to a urologist, she advised me to have a liver ultrasound too.. i will do it this saturday.

am worried though coz right now i feel some between my pelvis and my lower part of bey button. it feels like a wound with alcohol on it..it was not too painful i can tolerate it.

i also noticed that my chest's feel pain and my heart palpitate when my middle part of my back hurts...i feel hot and my face turns red too when my back hurts..i also noticed that this past 3 days my poop color is dark

am thinking of having my back checked my a neurologist too..am worried more about myself now..have read many things about what i feel and am guessing i have a problem with my kidney :-S . on my site i read that when u have problem wih ur kidney i affects your hormones too and etc.. am thinking maybe thats the reason why i got so muh tense quickly and stressed and worried etc.. :-(  my internist also referred me to rehab..i dunno wats that i think for body theraphy.. :-( coz she said i am so much stressed :-(

if i got my medical abstract and etc..i want to share it with u if it's ok with u.. so u can explain it to me further.


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lymphocytes        0.400       +                               0.25 - 0.35
monocytes          0              -                                0.02 - 0.1
eosinophils          0.050                                        0.02 - 0.04

(I'm a disabled non-professional who once went to nursing school- got a license for vocational nursing but don't have it anymore).

Your lymphocytes according to the reference range given are a little up, but an old lab book I have, A Manual of Laboratory Diagnostic Tests, 2nd edition by Frances Fischbach, lists a reference range (labs do vary) that would make it seem to not be outside normal, which might be why your doctor didn't show concern on that score.

Monocytes being low, according to the book, is not normally identified as being connected with certain diseases.

Eosinophils being elevated greater than 5 percent could have some significance, but I don't know if yours are or not- you might ask your doctor/lab place about what number would equal a five percent elevation in level.

I think the white blood cell count in your urine may be high- she did not think you had an infection?

Blood in the urine- causes can be urinary tract infection, infection in the kidneys (which can also cause flank pain), kidney or bladder stone(s), interstitial cystitis, enlarged prostate, diseased kidneys, cancer, and more... so it's a positive your doctor is referring you to the urologist.

Have you taken any steps to reduce your cholesterol level- dietary, exercise, prescribed medication?  If so, what are you doing to get it down to normal levels?

Dark colored stool- can be from red meat, Peptobismol (or generic), high iron intake, and if tarry and black, it could be blood.  Since you are concerned, you might ask your doctor for an occult blood stool test kit to see if there is any hidden blood in the stool.
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hi there,

my internist told me i have an infection so yes..she gave me medications after i got out of the hospital .. she also said when i was confined in the hospital that my urine has blood shed.. it was gone when i was in the hopital..

and yes am taking medication to lower my cholesterol and i do exercise too..

btw last saturday i went to the hospital again .. i went to see the urologist.. he analysed my medical record..he gave me another set of medicine for 1 week then he advised me to have a CT scan to check if i have stone on my kidney etc..

my CT scan result was normal..i have it with me..he has to read it to me next sat..

am wondering..almost all my tests are normal except blood in my urine, what do u think the best test i should have to identify if i have a kidney infection, prostitis or what.

then i will discuss it with my urologist on saturday..i will list down all my questions and things i feel etc..

thanks a lot
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Since they didn't find any stones in the kidneys, you might ask, given the blood showing up in your urine, if a cystoscopy with hydrodistension is something they think would be helpful with diagnosing you.  I've had this done twice under sedation... the second time, I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis.  

They need to do further tests if blood continues to be in your urine after the infection is cleared out because blood is definitely not normal.  Have they estimated your GFR (glomerular filtration rate) to determine if your kidneys are functioning the way someone's your age are supposed to?  You might also ask about an IVP (intravenous pyelogram- see private message).
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great thanks dear, i'll relay all this things to my urologist on saturday..i've been writing things to ask him.. i hope i can go to the hospital on saturday..my wallet was stolen and i lost my ATM, my health card and everything..i'm totally broke now :-( good thing some workmates loaned me some..
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