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chronic left rhomboid pain. lasted 3 years now.
i'm 17 and was diagnosed with a rhomboid spasm/strain when i was 14. at the time of diagnosis i was an active competitive swimmer. the doctor only gave me ungodly amounts of muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds. i took six weeks off of swimming and it didn't help one bit. though the pain became manageable and i became used to it there was still a constant tightness. i returned to swimming and after the first practice the spasm and pain was back. after that i joined the flag corps at school. i realize that probably did me more harm than good. after that i went to a sports medicine doctor. he told me to take eight weeks off of swimming and do physical therapy. he actually told me flag corps was GOOD for my shoulder. physical therapy was a WASTE OF TIME. they told me the problem was in my rotator cuff and only did work to strengthen that. the rhomboid pain worsened.

after quitting physical therapy i went to a chiropractor. he only prescribed adjustments which did no good.

now i have tightness and knots all up and down my left scapula, on the back of my shoulder, and some on my right scapula. i can no longer stand with my shoulders straight because all of the most painful knots are behind my scapula and when i stand straight my scapula pushes on the knots.

now i have just learned to live with the pain. and i have found if i am careful i can make the pain lie "dormant", but something as simple as opening a door too hard with my left arm sets everything off again. i have just recently had a massage...and i now know something is REALLY wrong because when the therapist found my knots she said "holy ****!!!! what is that!?"

the massage has set off the pain again btw.

someone please help me! i can't deal with the back pain anymore! i have forgotten what it feels like to NOT be in pain. =(
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Thanks for writing to the forum!
Please go through this link. It may help you.
There are a few exercises enumerated. Generally chiropractors are of help. You can seek another opinion.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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