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chronic swollen occipital glands
I am a 36 year old woman who has been seen because of chronic swelling of the occipital glands on the back of my head above the hairline.  These glands will get huge and painful and no doctor seems concerned and just gives me an antibiotic.  Sometimes the glands will stay swollen for weeks and other for days.  I have no symptoms of a cold, bite, or anything that could be the reason of infection.  I was seen recently with the same issue and an issue of itching with sportic bumps and rash.  I take zytec daily since I have a sensititvity with my skin.  I was told to take an antibiotic for the glands and take benadryl f0or the itching.  the benedryl is doing nothing for the itching and only causing drowsiness.  Over the past week now that i have had the swollen glands and itching, i have only slept a few hours a nightl  Lab results came back with a 262 for tryglicerides but everything else was normal.  any suggestions?
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