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cramping and pain in kidney area
My sister has is havcing some serious cramping and went to the family doctor and they did blood and urine tests and they came back ok. Here are some symptoms and was wondering if someone can help. She does not want to keep going to doctors and racking up bills.

Charlie horse" style mucle cramping. Back, abdominal diagonal mucles, leg, foot....you name it it will cramp, involunatry muscle twitches in variable area. Shoulder, forearm, back, butt, legs. Again, you name it...it will twitch.
Then there is an intense pain that we are not sure yet if it is a mucle.cramp or pain from something else- this is where the docs keep thinking kidney or spleen. It starts just under the ribcage level at the spinal cord and intensifies. It radiates out horizontally just under the rib cage to the front all the while the pain in the original area (up to 2in on both side of the spine) intensifies. I use lamaze breathing techniques to get thru it and it is ususally gone in less than three minutes.
So this padt week started with the inyense back pain. Followed by a couple days of twitches and muscle spasm in other areas. By thurs the back pains were coming way too regular and my urine flow
Oh, there is also a foreign, sweet taste that develops in my mouth sometimes, usually the same times i get nauseus.
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