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cyst on brain, Dr. says not the cause of my pain
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cyst on brain, Dr. says not the cause of my pain

Constant pain to left side of head, behind left ear, inside the ear, and in front temple area including outside corner of eye, facial weakness, drooling from left side, Pain ranges from a scale of 2 at a low constant ache to as high as 7 or 8 constant intense pain with unbearable pain spikes, most of the pain is centered 2 inches behind left ear, ongoing now for four months. MRI shows 12x16x10 mm CSF signal along the infer margin of temporal lobe, with an associated defect in skull base, extending into the skull base just lateral to the left pterygoid plate, considerations for this include a small arachnoid cyst or leptomeningeal cyst. I am on an identgent care program at UT Tyler, Texas; as such my access to the neurology department is based on a "if we have time to see you" arrangement. This is a new policy just put in place at UT Tyler. So it seems now that my medical needs will be addressed only if I complain of nothing more than a common cold in the future, or I am able to perform a miracle and obtain insurance.
They tell me there is nothing to worry about, but the pain was there before the MRI and is still there everyday. Where do I turn to for help?
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You certainly are having a problem. I can give you some hints &
see if you can relate. Any remembrance of a severe fall where
you blacked out or hit your left head causing concusion or need
to go to hospital in past/present? What meds are you on? Age?
The physiology to this is hard to explain. It can have many choices of dx's.
1-Parotid Gland: largest salivary gland/located in front of ear.
2-Sphenoid bone: Wedge-shaped/extends above brow to temple.
3-Trigeminal(cn5): Is nerve w/ 3 branches (tri) that have fibers
  & extend to mandible in jaw.
4-Mastoid: Bone behind ear w/ nerve extensions/muscle is in jaw.
5-Pterygoid Lateral: Wing-shaped/effects on contact,1,2,3,4.

Eye/brow are from 2. Drool/from mandibular jaw from a (3) branch
Face-weak/residual from nerve stress/response.  All touch in
some manner & can cause pain/weakness/numb/paralysis/tears.

The CSF signal may be from old injury/trauma & now something
triggered? Leptomeningeal cyst is usually from skull injury or
trauma. Do you have 'quick-sharp' temple stabbing pains or a
noticeable elevated large temple vein? The cysts may be old/
dissolve on own/do nothing & a wait to see. The defect in the
skull base seems to still go to trauma/injury. Ask for copies
of your bloodwk or have relative sign release to get. Ask for
an answer to what they are calling the 'assoc. defect'? If this
came on sudden w/ no injury, you could have spontaneous
pneumocephalus & being treated w/ antibiotics? I bet you have a lulu of a ear/temple ache. Need more info & a nurse to be your
friend to get 'more' info.   Aren't you glad you asked?

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I have been away for a few days, Thank you very much for your comments and questions to ask Dr. Pain still very active, Stabbing pain in temple sometimes but most pain behind leaf ear. I have never had a trauma or concussion is past. A similar event like this one began about 2 years ago lasting 5 months leading to an E.R. with 20,000 white count,chills, and sever weight loss ending only after 2hrs of antibotic (antibiotic) IV in E.R. and 24 straight days of antibotic (antibiotic) treatment with augmetin. The location of the infection was never determined. I really am at the end of my rope here,, and thank you so very much for your time. I will follow your leads. My knowledge of possibilities is greatly expanded by your comments, therefore so are my hopes. Thanks so much.
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