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I had rectal itching that  rectal caused my whole rectal area to be red and irritated. Within two weeks i had rectal discharge that has since cleared up . My vaginal area has now discharge with itching. The rectal doctor treated me as a fungal problem until she can do a colonoscopy. My daughter was dx with worms two weeks ago and at that time i to had a itchy in my butt that she may of had from me.. I then was treated with the medicine and to follow up with the pill in two weeks. My doctor did not do the tape test for worms. The problem is i am not sure that if i had worms it was cured with that one pill. I also have a throat ache off an on x 3 weeks when this all started. My daughter is doing fine now but i am still suffering terrible. My rectal area is not really itchy but now and again i get a funny sensation there. My gynocologist thinks this is all related to my rectal area but took a test for bacteria,trichemenosist and one other test that comes back within two hours. They came back negative.(from my Gyno) I really think i still have parasites that have gotted so bad and i am wondering if my symptoms are all related to parasites? I just had a blood draw for chemistry & cbc. I am not sure if for anything else. I am 40 years old and am not ready for a colonoscopy. I just want this to stop. What else should i do. How dangerous can this get.
Please help with any suggestions.
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