dizzy, light headed, shaky not thinking right
by breezydawn, Dec 31, 2010
o my goodness this sounds just like me! I have been going through all of this for 9 days. I am scared to death!!! I cant not think right and I get all of my words mixed up and I just feel so out of it, I am about to loose my mind. I am dizzy, light headed, shaky, cold and then will come a hot flash, my body feels numb and I feel that I could throw up at anytime. I am scared to even drive like this. I feel like things are running through my mind a million miles per hour and it will not stop. I have tried everything I can think of and nothing seems to help, plus it seems to be worse in the evening time. I have not went to the doctor yet but I plan on going on Monday if this is still going on. I took my blood sugar today, I had not ate in over 5 hours (nothing at all) and my blood sugar was 107, is that bad??? I have no clue what it is even suppose to be but it seems a little to high having not ate in that long. I am just weak and tired, I am only 27 years old and I should not be feeling like this....if anyone has any advise please share. I will try the
B-12, also if you know of anything I should have the doctor test me for please let me know!!!
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by crackerjack4u2, Jan 01, 2011
Hello Breezy,
The suggested normal blood sugar is around 80-110 anything lower than 60 or higher than 140 can causes symptoms. The 107 is within normal range but after not have eaten for 5 hours I would also check 30 mins to an hour after a meal just to see what it is then too.

It is difficult to determine the exact cause of your symptoms but it sounds as though you might be experiencing Panic Attacks that are causing the symptoms you described. Panic Attacks are caused from Anxiety/Stress.  I have Anxiety and Panic Attacks as well and can let you know first hand that this disorder can cause your body to experience some very strange symptoms.  

As per MedicineNet.com here is an entire list of symptoms of Panic Attacks.  Please review them and see if this sounds like what you are experiencing, and if not please let me know.  You do not have to experience all of them to have this disorder, and the symptoms next time can actually be different than previous ones depending on the amount of Stress you are under at the time.

The Symptoms of Panic Attacks are:
racing or pounding heartbeat (palpitations); chest pains; stomach upset; dizziness, light headedness, nausea; difficulty breathing, a sense of feeling smothered; tingling or numbness,  hot flashes or chills; trembling and shaking; dreamlike sensations or perceptual distortions; terror, a sense that something unimaginably horrible is about to occur and one is powerless to prevent it; a need to escape;
nervousness about the possibility of losing control and doing something embarrassing;
fear of dying.  Does This Sound Like What You Have Going On?  

I Hope This Helps. Keep Me Posted Please.  Brenda
by Dr. Kokil MathurBlank, Jan 01, 2011

Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
If you have headaches and hot flashes and lightheadedness with a feeling of passing out, you could be having either polycystic ovarian disease or GERD with or without H pylori infection. These are the two conditions to be ruled out first. Other conditions to be strongly ruled out in your case could be cervical spinal nerve compression, Meniere‚Äôs disease of the ear, wax in the ear, infection of the middle or inner ear, benign positional vertigo and benign intracranial hypertension. Hence it is important to consult an ENT specialist and a neurologist too. At times back and neck problems may persist for years before they really start giving trouble. Chances of TMJ too should be looked into. Other causes are anemia, hypoglycemia or low sugar and some endocrine problems, such as an underactive thyroid (called hypothyroidism), overactive thyroid (called hyperthyroidism), adrenal insufficiency (called Addison's disease),  and in some cases, diabetes, may lead to hypotension and hence lightheadedness and an off balance feeling. It can also be an anxiety and panic attack. It is really difficult to comment on the net. I suggest you consult your PCP to run the basic investigations and get an insight into what could be the cause. Depending on clinical examination and tests, your PCP can refer you to the appropriate specialist. Hope this helps. Take care!

by breezydawn, Jan 01, 2011
I do have panic attacks which I have had for years and it has never been like this before and Kolanpin does not help. I do have a mass on the back of my head that is attached to my skoal and spine which I have not checked on in a couple of years (reason being they said it was very dangerous and I would have a very high risk of being paralyzed if I had surgery, I chose to ask like it is not there since they said in the place it is located is is rarely ever cancer) I was not even thinking about that being a possibility I have just put that out of my mind.
I feel last night and broke my foot and the inflammatory meds that I am on is seeming to help me, not real sure about why that is but I have not been near as bad today. I am going to my doctor on Monday with the info that you have gave me, thank you so much for your time and concern!
by crackerjack4u2, Jan 02, 2011
If the anti inflammatory meds are helping the other problem too then it's most likely because you had inflammation There too that they are decreasing.  But the question is where is There?  They can check that area at the base of your skull by cat scan or MRI to see if the size has increased or if there is a thickening in the area that is putting pressure on your head.  Had I been aware of its presence my first reply would have defiantly been to find out if there had been any growth to that area before looking at any other possibilities because YES it can possibly be the cause of all the symptoms you are having.   Sorry to hear about your foot.  Good Luck and God Bless Brenda
by breezydawn, Jan 12, 2011
I found out the my thyroid level is off, my vitamin d is to low and my cholesterol is almost 500. I guess all of this could cause my symptoms as well...
by crackerjack4u2, Jan 12, 2011
It sounds like you've got a lot going on, I hope with treatment for that it eliminates all your symptoms and has you good as new in no time.  Good Luck and God Bless Brenda
by breezydawn, Jan 13, 2011
Thank you very much and God Bless you too :~)
by amiqaiser, Jan 13, 2011
hi how r u feeling nw..im glad i found this forum..because i hav been through all these symptoms recently..first an episode of vertigo,nausea 14days back followed by extreme fatigue,weakness,,lightheadedness ,in a haze.,im nt myself..n nw tingling n numbness in my extremities...i visited endocrinologist my TSH n cortisol levels were dun today ,,TSH is bit on high side..but on recovery,my dr says i might hv an episode of viral thyroiditis n im recovering 4m it...but fasting blood sugar n Ca levels r still 2 b dun...lets c..wt treatment u r taking.take care
by HopeWD, Feb 27, 2011
I have been going through the exact same thing for over four months, my vitamin D level is low and my blood sugar is like 16 er somethin. I also take iron supplaments and a 1 a day womens health vitamen. They seem to help slightly.I have what doctornee was talking about, PCOS, you could have it too. I also have a skin condition called exema. I've been taking vitamens for a little more than a month, but it doesn't seen to be helping.recently I've been mojorly zoning out, my mom will be talking to me and 2 seconds later I can't remember a thing she said!   I hope you find out what's wrong so you don't have to go through all this stuff forever.!! Good luck