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enlarged bladder
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enlarged bladder

I was diagnosed with an enlarged bladder. I am 42 years old. Does anyone know how I can get my bladder back to normal size.  I have no health insurance.  Can't afford to keep going to specialist.

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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
The only way to stop progress to some extent is take a calorie and carbohydrate/fat restricted diet. Enlarged gall bladder due to stones can only be treated by either removal of the gall bladder or removal of stones.
This is something that can hardly be controlled by diet and medication, except when there is infection in gall bladder.
Take care!
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Look into herbs..they can tone your bladder and decrease infection,inflamation (inflammation) and cut down on stones if any here are just a couple tips

Things you can do to help
•urinating as soon as you get the urge
•avoiding alcohol and caffeine, especially at night
•avoiding drinking fluids within two hours of bedtime
•getting regular exercise
•decreasing your stress with prayer meditation whirlpool
You may also need to limit your use of over-the-counter cold and sinus medications containing decongestants or antihistamines, both of which may aggravate your symptoms. Certain natural remedies for cold and sinus problems may help reduce your need for such medications.

Herbs for Prostate Health
The following herbs may help ease BPH symptoms:

1) Saw Palmetto

In a report published in 2000, researchers reviewed 11 clinical trials and concluded that treatment with saw palmetto extract can help improve peak urinary flow rate and reduce patients' need to awake at night in order to urinate. However, a research review from 2009 deemed saw palmetto no more effective than placebo for treatment of BPH-related urinary symptoms.

2) Pygeum

Pygeum (a remedy sourced from the bark of the African plum tree) may be a useful treatment option for men with lower urinary symptoms resulting from BPH, according to a 2002 analysis of 18 clinical trials. However, the investigators caution that the reviewed studies were small in size, were of short duration, and used varied doses and preparations of pygeum.

Also two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with honey mixed with hot water may help
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Did the specialist or Doctor give you any suggestions or things to do?Do alot of walking,don't smoke, or drink alcohol.But pray and drink alot of water.And see a county hospitol Doctor Specialist.Everybody qualifies ad some of the best Doctors,and Specialists medical staff are there as they treat billions all the time wether or not you can pay.They gotta be good!You have to be seen for this bladder problem and monitor,so you can get well and it won't get worse and won't turn into or into multiple things,problems.
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