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eye strain and head pains
sorry if i posted this in the wrong section but i didnt know where else to do it. if anyone can give me any advice or help i would greatly appreciate it.

im a 20 year old male. 5'10", 145 lbs. no serious health problems prior.

History: i woke up july 8th with a fever (never exceeded 100.5), the worst headache ive ever experienced, very heavy photophobia (never experienced before), sore throat, and body aches. i beat most of the symptoms by the end of the night. the next morning i woke up with a heavy pressure band all around and on top of my head (like a helmet) and pain behind the pressure located in my temples, side of head, above head, and above my eyebrows. I went to the ER and the doctor suggested it was viral meningitis (no spinal tap; never had the disease before, heard its usually more severe then what i experienced). A CT scan of the brain showed normal. i then went home and tried tylenol sinus pm at night and claratin D. after 3-4 days no improvement. i saw a clinical doctor at kaiser he pushed on my cheeks and said no sinus infection, drink fluids, itll be gone over the weekend. that didnt happen to i went to my primary care (3 weeks after getting sick). she did not think i was a sinus infection but gave me 250mg amoxacillan for 10 days to make sure due to the duration of the symptoms. i also tried sinus rinses and a saline spray. she also told me to use nasarel which gave me pressure in the nose and eyes so it was stopped after 2 weeks. i then asked for a CT sinus scan which came out good. the next thing i did was get allergy tested. i tested positive for dust, 3 different trees, 3 different grasses, cat fur, and dog fur. i started on zyrtec last week. that did seem to help the pressure a lot and now the pressure is mostly gone.

Current symptoms: currently i have slight pain that comes and goes in my temples, above my eyebrows, sides of my head, and the top. i also get this pains that come on for 2 secs, stay for 2 secs, and then dissappear over the course of 2 secs. they arent extreme but enough for me too know they are there. they can happen anywhere on my head, top/beind my eyes, or side of nose. i also have almost constant eyestrain. its the top half of my eyes usually. it gets worse by light (so some photophobia left). one thing ive noticed is i get pain in my eye, my temple, above my ear and then discomfort behind my head. it is a very lateral situation as if its all connected to one nerve or vessel. the pain on top of my head if follewed down goes above my gums. i had constant throbbing pressure above the roof of my mouth but it has recently stopped. again linear symptoms.

im very sorry to put this essay up but i just wanted to get all the details/development. ive seen 3 clinical docs, an ent, and a dentist. i have an appointment in 4 days with a neurologist and an eye doctor. im hoping if anyone has any insight or opinions. i dont want to be diagnosed as a migraine patient and pop pain killers all day. i do not believe this is a migraine (simultaneous fever and headache when it began). i am considering homeopathic medication and accupuncture in a about a month if this doesnt clear up. it is currently comming up on 6 weeks. only the head pressure has dissappeared so far. do you guys this this will solve itself if i just give it more time? thank you for help this forum is life changing.
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