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fatigue, tiredness, hangover feeling (without drinkng) flu like symtoms and pins and needles
hello can sum1 please help me!
over a month ago i noticed i was starting to get tired very easierly this got worse i started feeling very weak and was experiencing a hangover feeling everyday without drinking any alcohol :S i thought the feeling would go away but never did i also tested positive over a yr ago for genital herpez which are reacurring about twice a month heres a list of symtoms i have been experiencing
tiredness (after long hrs of sleping)
reacurring herpez (about twice a month)
flu like symtoms (just recent, could be due to weather change)
pins and needles in hands and feet
tingling in face and scalp
started to feel sick
i suffer with depression which has recently got server i had the implant incerted abt a month ago (after i gt these symtoms so dont thnk it could be due to that although they have got alot worse) but the depression worsening could be due to the implant .
i have had a few blood test's for anemia, blood count and diabetes, all came back normal.
i am extremly worried about all my symtoms incase i have something really wrong with me i have been looking up symtoms online and i have symtoms of hiv and a brain tumour (probly wasnt the best idea to check symtoms on google) i got tested for hiv about 4 months ago and whilst i was waiting for my results (which came back negative) i managed to convince myself i had the virus.....i really do not want to put myself through that again and really need peace of mind for what ele these symtoms could be!.......someone help!
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