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foot burning, pain, numbness in fingers, pins pricks
A few months ago I started running again after taking a year off.  I used to run a lot and in fact completed a marathon.  I have gained quite a bit of weight since but jumped back in a little too rigorously.  After one of my longer runs I noticed my feet felt like they were on fire - I'd never experienced that before.  I eased off on my running but it kept coming back getting a little better if I stopped and then coming back when I started again.  Then a couple weeks ago after running three days in one week my feet were burning really badly and they didn't stop.  This was accompanied by "bruising" type pain in my heels and side of my feet.  The pain would move around my feet - sometimes worse in my toes and in the balls of my feet, other times in the arch or concentrated in the heels.  About a week later I noticed my hands started getting pins and needles and today I'm feeling little pin pricks all over my body - quite intermittent but still disconcerting.  I can now only walk about a block and half before the pain gets too bad.  Sometimes during the day the pain will totally disappear but will come back.  Sometimes worse at night, sometimes better??  There doesn't seem to be any pattern related to my activity level. I've been online researching these symptoms for two weeks now and have been to my family doctor who has referred me to a neurologist.  I can't help but think this is an injury due to trauma (since it started from running) but it's not going away and seems to be spreading.  I've had blood tests and do not have diabetes and had xrays which showed nothing.  If it was a foot related injury or involving a nerve - why would it now be in my hands and in other parts of my body?  My dad has an unexplained nerve disorder where he feels his skin is on fire all the time.  It started in his butt, spread to his feet and then his hands and now 13 years later he is basically bed ridden and takes three types of pain killers, two anti-depressants, and sleeping pills to go to sleep.  I DON'T want to end up like that - I'm only 36 and have two young children.  My prayer is that this is NOT what my dad has but it's not looking good.  The only comfort I have is that I'm much more active than he was so I'm hoping that my problem is an injury that will go away.  Any help or ideas would be great!  I started taking B12 today cuz I've read that might help.  Thanks!
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