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head injury - bump on forehead
Approx. 3 and a half months ago i fell against the corner of a wall and sustained a nasty bump on the centre of my forehead. It swelled immediately, i threw up shortly afterwards and was ,i think, a little concussed for a couple of days afterwards. I didn't go to the doctor.
Anyway, i got a 'goose egg' lump, which went green straight away and the swelling and visible bruising were gone within about a week, thankfully.
No further problems...no headaches, tenderness to the area etc
However, about 3 weeks ago, suddenly a lump has reappeared in the exact same place where i had the injury. It just seemed to literally come up overnight. It's about the size of a large pea, hard, a little sore if i touch it and appears to be like a hard, white lump under the skin. At first i thought it was just a spot/zit ! but it can't be...i don't suffer with acne and it has never 'come to a head' . It hasn't enlarged or shrunk, it's still the same size it was when it first appeared 3 weeks ago. It is definitely 'fixed' underneath (i can move the skin over it and it stays put).
Now i am starting to worry...maybe it's some kind of haemorhage or maybe i did actually fracture my skull ?
What has concerned me today, is that i am beginning to feel a kind of pressure in my forehead and between the eyes.
I know i should see a doctor and will maybe try to get an x-ray tomorrow, for peace of mind at least.

Hopefully they'll tell me it's a zit !
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