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headache, chills, stiff neck
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headache, chills, stiff neck

Anybody else with these symptoms?
I am still sick 7 days after this started. Symptoms when it started: severe headache that progressed in a few hours to chills, body aches, severe headache and stiff neck.
Slept for 16 hrs, it knocked me down; after that just got up to drink a few times, but slept for 10 more hrs; markedly decreased appetite; tylenol not very effective. Second day thought feeling a bit better.
On day 3rd fever 101, rash appeared on legs. Got checked for flu negative; sent to the ER to rule out meningitis; the doctor did not think it was meningitis; my neck not that stiff anymore, and the rash does not look like the typical meningitis rash; sent home but after getting one toradol injection that took away my pain for a few hours.
Since then I learned that the NSAIDs helped me I have continued to take them as ibuprofen to function some during the day. Prinmary Dr put me on Biaxin due to blood work taken at hospital showing normal WBC count but slightly elevated neutrophils and more decreased lymphocytes. Started Biaxin yesterday; slight improvement, fever last night 100 instead of 101, but headache still gets very strong during the night, had to finally take ibuprofen again at 2am; rash is expanding to trunk.  

Anybody have any idea of what may be going on?

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I hope the doctor made sure of his opinion by testing you for meningitis!  

According to A Manual of Laboratory Diagnostic Tests, second edition by Frances Fischbach, "If the neutrophil count is increased to a notably greater extent than the total count no matter how low the count, there is either a lost resistance or severe infection."

  I hope if you had/have infection, they tried to determine what kind of infection it was when they prescribed the Biaxin?  Are you feeling any better?  

Decrease lymphocytes the above referenced book says "Occurs
(a) In Hodgkin's disease
(b) In lupus erythematosus
(c) After administration of ACTH and cortisone
(d) After burns or trauma
(e) In chronic uremia
(f) In Cushing's syndrome
(g) In early acute radiation syndrome"

According to Mayo Clinic's website, some symptoms of lupus erythematosus are:  fatigue, fever, weight loss or gain, skin lesions that occur or worsen with exposure to the sun, joint pain, stiffness & swelling.

Uremia is where the kidneys are not functioning properly.  According to wrong diagnosis' website, some of the symptoms are headache, loss of energy, skin discoloration & skin itch.

Some symptoms of Hodgkins, according to oncology channel's website are appetite loss, fatigue, fever, red patches on the skin, severe skin itching, often affecting the legs and feet.

Please give me an update as to how you are and if the doctors are ordering more tests to try to determine what is causing these horrible symptoms!
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