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how can you be tested for problems of brachial plexus
I had left shoulder surgery in 2005 for an shoulder injury from 2004.  When the surgeon's PA removed the stitches from the anthroscopic surgery on it for a labrel tear and bursitis and stretched ligaments I had extreme painful pain when she removed the stitch in front of my shoulder.  I told she and the doctor that something just wasn't right cause I have had stitches from knee surgery and it was not extreme pain having them removed.  All the surgeon did was keep prescribing extremely strong pain meds after I needed up having severe spasms going down my left side of back and burning down arm and he said thatn was unexplainable pain I was having.  I was diagnoised with rsd in 2006 according to results of a the brarmograph I had and that acupuncture was making pains worse but I know something else is going on the pain now is different.  I point to the area I now know is the brachial plexus but seem not to find a doctor to do the necessary tests to see if that too was injuried.  I drop things with my left hand to and the pain is just increasing especially when I force myself to us my left hand and arm when I am a righty.  I have had stellate ganglion blocks that worked for a few hours a little then it is all back plus I end up with the Horner's syndrome for days and have to be put on cortisone before and after the blocks.  I went to a back/spine specialist who had my lower back scanned by a Mri without contract, mri without contrast of my thoracic spine, and my neck mri without contrast and nothing is revealed and I know the brachial plexus was not scanned.  even my neurologist had me have a brain mri without contast to rule MS since I am a 21 year old woman which showed nothing and brain electrodes to see if anything. Nothing.  I saw on the internet that Pet/Ct scans suppose to show nerve disorders but I am told that is not true.  Please I will be seeing another Pain specialist/neurologist how can I get the right scan and be scanned where I am saying I feel the pain/burning starting at.  I even had botox injections in my shoulder, shoulder blade and back and after the 3rd tingling/burning traveled to same side of bad shoulder the left side of face.  Please how can the brachial plexus be viewed what scan is needed...  Please I have been out of work since 2005.  I want my life back.  I am a single 41 year old woman with no children and no life cause I can't find someone to scan and look where I am complaining,  It is a work related injury but I had been going through my primary insurance cause comp insurance claiming I reinjuried myself which I didn't and have the tests to prove it.  Please can you guide me as what to ask the new doctor
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