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inbearable and getting worse.
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inbearable and getting worse.

Ok i have had these symptoms for the last 1-2 years.

Legs very tired
pins and needles in my legs mostly
hot and cold flashes, sweating a little with clammy skin
unexplainable radiating uncomfortable nerve sensation through out my body
itchiness around my eyes
black circles around my eyes
itchiness on my ankles
pain in lower left frontal area.

I was told by doctors it is probably IBS and to eat lots of vegetables and fruits, get excercise and drink lots of water. I have since started eating more healthier and drinking more water. I dont get much excercise though.

I am 5'9 155lbs and 34 years old male.

These symptoms do not always appear, but when they do it is really dibilitating. It is usually after i have a meal. I find if i pass gas, the symptoms subside. I also have acid reflux, and when this happens, i feel the symptoms subside and i feel a whole lot better in seconds.

when my legs get tired, it usually follows with the hot flashes throughout my body and i feel sooo tired. I wake up after like 9-10 hrs sleep and like 2 hours later, i am soo tired, i can go back to bed for another 4-6 hrs. The tiredness feeling is when your laying in bed and cant keep your eyes open. I feel this constantly when symptoms are appearing.

its amazing how when the symptoms subside how much energy i have. I feel like a million bucks, but then any minute these symptoms can come back and i am useless.

I work on a computer like 12hrs a day and dont really get out much. I am thinking i could have IBS and possible allergies to something i am eating which is causing the symptoms to worsen. I also get lower left back pain too and my joints hurt.

Any ideas on what could be happening to me?
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If doctors thought ALL those symptoms could be explained away with a diagnosis of IBS, you need to get a better doctor!  I hope doctornee medical can shed some light on some possibilities to explore for you!  

And while allergies might have to do with your itching, it still doesn't explain your sleeping so much, the hot and cold flashes, etc..  Have they already checked for kidney (just one potential cause of lower left back pain) trouble, TSH to check for hypothyroidism and blood sugar levels?   Have you felt depressed lately?  I ask because that is one reason people sleep a great deal, though it doesn't seem to really fit how you describe your situation.
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yeah walk in clinics have never been my cup of tea, but it seems all doctors in our town are booked.

I have heard tiredness can be the result of allergies. My uncle was allergic to tomatoes and every day he would come home from work and just go right to bed and would sleep straight through till the next day. Found out his allergy and eliminated it from his diet and he doesnt get tired anymore.  Doctors checked my blood on my last 2 visits and nothing came up on the tests. I doubt they ran allergy tests using the blood though and im thinking of maybe getting blood tests done for delayed reactions to something i am eating which could be causing all of this.

I have also heard IBS could be a result of allergies and i read these symptoms from webmd

    *  Anxiety or depression.
    * Fatigue.
    * Headache.
    * Unpleasant taste in the mouth.
    * Backache.
    * Heart palpitations (feeling like the heart skips a beat or is fluttering).

And i have all of those symptoms however i thought palpitations were from drinking coffee which i have since stopped and they have subsided.

I dont have depression at all, although i feel i get irritated very easily and its probably because im feeling terrible alot of the time. Anxiety, well who doesnt suffer from that to some extent. :)
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Saw online where low potassium can cause weakness and tiredness in legs, even feeling paralyzed in them, tingling or numbness, abdominal cramping or bloating, constipation and palpitations.
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