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is this nerve damage or ankle ligament tear?
i sprung my ankle a few yrs ago and ever since then ive been having the symptoms of numbness,horrible pain,a little swelling,stabbing pains in my leg and foot and i get wierd pressure headaches when my leg starts hurtn but my leg hurts the worst sometimes i have to limp and cry cause the pain is soooo bad in my leg the only pill that works for the pain is narcotic pain meds and my ankle stays swollen and in my ankle it feels like my ankle bone is bigger than it should be i had xrays mris all came out normal and in my leg near my fibula it feels like there is a little hard knot bangin against my skin that pain makes me cry so much cause its sooooo painful and doctors keep askn me does my back hurt and i say no cause my back has never hurt me just mainly my leg and my ankle im not sure what this could be exacty this is ruining me
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