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I too have the same issues as some others have mentioned. Mine all started when I was hospitalized for a pneumothorax. It was my second occurance and I was on Fentanyl for 5 solid days. I had a chest tube and then I opted in for surgery to prevent future occurances happening again. They gave me Dilaudid in the OR and I was back out resting on a PCA of Fentanyl. In addition, they gave me some anti-inflammatory which seemed to have made me itch; however, I am uncertain if that was the cause. I don't remember clearly when it began but it seemed to have been after the surgery.

The pain was overwhelming, I never noticed the itchiness until I was discharged and fully recovered from the pain, which took almost a month. The itching began to intensify and I knew this would be an issue due to its intensity.
I usually get it when I am either in the sun, sneezing, excited, or just sitting down concentrating on something. It lasts for minutes and it randomly starts anywhere and spreads quickly throughout the body. There are no blemishes or any residual signs of a rash. It's painful at times and unbearable...especially when I am trying to get back into shape! This is also ruining my life. I look like a drug addict or something.  

Speaking of drugs. I was continually on Oxycodone after my surgery for my pain management. In addition, I had cyclobezaprine and trazadone. Not sure if it exacerbated the pain...

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