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low blood pressure and low blood sugar
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low blood pressure and low blood sugar

I have had low blood pressure for at least five years now, I'm 21. My doctor says my blood pressure is somewhat normal. Last time i had it checked was this past week 92/60. But the reason it concerns me is because i pass out very easily and get dizzy every time i stand up. The first time i passed out i was at work many years ago and the doctor told me to eat more carbs. Sense then, I've passed out at least a dozen more time. Whether it be from after getting blood work done, a shot, taking Tylenol, or for no reason at all. I've passed out at work many time, at home, behind the wheel, and last week in the shower. My eating habits are not great although i tend to eat a lot at once. I smoke about a pack of cigarettes a day which i am trying to quit, but hear that smoking raises your blood pressure. This week after getting a EKG done and awaiting a EEG, so far have found nothing wrong in that department. Yet my blood work came back and was told over the phone that my glucose level was very low. I also have high cholesterol. Now what worries me is that my family has a history of diabetes. I just want to know how serious this could be and in what direction to go in if any to make myself healthy.    
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Thanks for keeping me posted!
A low blood sugar when you are not on diabetes medication does not indicate diabetes. In untreated diabetes the blood sugar level is high. The cholesterol could be high due to a metabolic disorder or due to your eating habits. You need to eat a balanced diet with right proportion of all ingredients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins. Also the meals need to be taken at regular intervals. Apart from this the pancreas develops some insulin producing tumors that result in lowering of blood glucose. A measure of serum insulin level needs to be done. A poor diet can be the cause of low blood pressure and so also dehydration. You need to take adequate fluids with both water and minerals to increase your blood pressure.
It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

There are many possible causes of the low blood pressure.

You need to purchase what is called a "pulse oximeter" which clips on the finger and determined the percentage of oxygen in the blood. If you were in the hospital I'd like to look at your arterial blood gases. Check your level several times a day.

The absolute thing you have to do is to STOP SMOKING IMMEDIATELY. This is not a suggestion. It's an order.

The smoke from a cigarette contains carbon monoxide. Red blood cells transport oxygen. The red blood cell picks up oxygen in the lungs and transports it to where it is needed.

Carbon monoxide "mimics" oxygen and has a stronger affinity for the red blood cell. When a red blood cell picks up the carbon monoxide it CANNOT transport oxygen. Worse yet, the affinity is so strong, the cell may not be available to transport blood for several days.

The combination of low blood pressure and inability to transport oxygen spells trouble. Starts with T and ends with E.

If you are looking to be the first 21 year old in medical history to develop a myocardial infarct and drop dead from smoking, just keep up that pack a day. When there is low oxygen in the blood and the heart goes into deficiency from excercise, cells have a tendency to...well they die.

There are many possible reasons for your low blood pressure. Before I would be taking medications I would quit smoking.

I want you to drink at least a liter as day of electrolytes. Gatorade is fine, or any sports drink. I want you to make sure you are well hydrated.

A single blood sugar reading is meaningless. You have to get either a glucose fasting test or an insulin clamp protocol.

There are many possible reasons for the fainting. Generally, this is due to systemic vasodilation of the blood vessels. This in essence, widens the interior of the blood vessels and causes what is termed "increased body capacitance". It drops your blood pressure 20-30 points, and this is what causes the fainting.

There is a genetic component to this, but there is some evidence it is conditionable. Fright, for example can cause this to happen.

If you feel this problem coming on, LIE DOWN IMMEDIATELY. Don't be embarrassed. If someone is around, have them elevate both feet about 12 inches.
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