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low mpv - high wbc in urine - pain in bottom
I have been having deep pain in my bottom area - I thought I may bruised my tailbone at first (but I hadn't fallen).  I let it go for about 2 weeks.  Then I noticed blood in my stool and I realized I needed to have it checked.  I was immediately given a colonoscopy but was told they found some internal hemroids but they were not anything that would be considered to cause my problem.  I've had 2 urine tests come back with high WBC (1st week it was a +1 - doctor said 50,000 and wanted to do a 2nd one this week - it was also high - they used the term +2 and have sent it off).  The doctor did put me on an antibiodic the first week but she said it may have been a contaminated sample - but the 2nd came back even after being on a antibiodic.  I also got my blood work that my MPV is a little low (6.8).  The pain in my bottom has been her for over 5 weeks.  I have to sit on a pillow so the pain isn't so intense.  It hurts if I push like I have going to have a bowel movement or if I tighten up like I am going to keep from going to the bathroom.  It isn't as intense in the morning but after I have sat for more than an hour I start to have alot of pain.  

Any one experienced anything like this???
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Thanks for the post.

A high WBC in urine is surely indicative of urinary tract infection and needs to be investigated further by urine culture, blood tests, and X-rays and ultrasounds to rule out stones and pelvic inflammatory disease.

A low MPV could be due to several causes. However a co-relation of the total platelet count and MPV is more confirmatory. “MPV that was inappropriately low for the platelet count (high, normal, or low). All had sepsis, splenomegaly, aplastic anemia, chronic renal failure, or a disease being treated with myelosuppressive drugs. High MPV thus appears correlated with myeloproliferative disease or thalassemia; and low MPV, with cytotoxic drugs or marrow hypoplasia.” Refer: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/4074887

Low back ache in the area of tail bone could be referred pain from a pelvic disease that co-exists with urinary infection or could be due to involvement of vertebrae, discs or soft tissues. Please refer this link for the various causes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low_back_pain#Causes

You need to consult your gynecologist to rule out the pelvic infection. Combined view of a physician and gynecologist will help. If after treatment of the infection the pain does not subside, you may need an orthopedic consultation.

If you need more help, please feel free to contact. I’ll be happy to answer your queries. Please keep me posted.

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