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pain in body

Ive been experiencing a pain in by stomach. Its describe as a tingling pain but it really hurts. For about the past 2 weeks, i started to have really bad hunger pains. If i dont eat when im hungry,the pain will start to get intense. And about half a month ago, my upper abdomen is getting rather bloaty and hard. Igs rather weird cause its getting rather big as if im pregnant. But im still a virgin,so that strikes it. Sometimes i feel as if its really gassy,but i cant seem to relieve it.Im also having an off n on fever for about a week now,although the temp is not high. With this, im experiencing a rather sharp piercing pain on the right side of my hips. This will keep me awake at night cause it hurts and sometimes cause me to cry due to its extreme pain. Im also having really bad breath and my tongue is white.

Im sorry that this is a long post,but im getting worried. I have been taking paracetamol only to relieve this,but it seemed to not help much. I am obese but ive never actually had dis problem before.is this cause of the obesity?

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