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pain in chest & thru to back.
I have pains in chest, ribs and along bra line and stabbing though to back and wont go away. I cant seem to take a deep breath cause it hurts in my chest, breasts and back shoulder blades also seems to have pains up arm pit like a stabbing pain. I’m 22 yrs old. First signs in Aug ‘09 under right breast and came gone and 1hr after. Headaches, feeling sick to stomach, felt really dizzy during the day, not wanting to do anything, just going to work and resting during the evening, slept a lot during day/nite. Really act up in morning, in evening. An elephant is sitting on my chest thru to back shoulder blades. Felt horrible under the weather for the 2 mths. Cant eat Grilled Cheese why is that? Cant eat KD -many other foods i feel like being sick. Stomach just turns upside down, nauseous. No surgery b4. Heartburn occurring i take Zantac pill Hot burning in throat it tastes horrible. Pains since Nov, Dec '09 stopped for 3 mths came back April 10th still there wont go away. Headache during the day i take a Tylenol headache goes away slowly but not the pains. I've had Blood Test, Ultrasound. Family doc transferred test to another doc he mentioned it was contracting. Had a visit to the Hospital  (Dec’09) with a strong attack in chest and back pains & the doc took X-Ray and blood said nothing all was fine. I'm on a waiting list for an endoscopy in June 2010, How serious is that procedure, does it give you results of what's wrong and can pin point it. My pains i have it's like i've been in garden and doing outside work and just go go go.No remedies help that I can think of warm baths. Cant have Ibuprofen, Advil cause it irradiates my stomach and doesnt relieve pains.I thought was a Gallbladder attack or Hiatus Hernia, or a Ulcer. So what could be going on with my pains i'm experimenting? I have no clue what diagnosis of what this might be?
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