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pain/pressure in anal area
Hi, try to keep this as short as poss- could anyone help??
Around 2 years ago i began experiencing severe anal pain which used to wake me from sleep and last around 30 mins- it was occasionally, maybe once every 2 months. I then began to experience bad anal itching. Eventually plucked up courage to go to docs (around 10 months ago) who performed digital rectal exam and diagnosed proctalgia fugax. Anyway, between these "pain" episodes i began to get a pressure type discomfort in the same area, along with lower abdominal pain (period like cramp pains). I returned to GP who referred me for anoscopy/proctoscopy and internal vaginal ultrasound. The proctoscopy was intensely painful. (the pain lasted for 36 hours afterwards) 3 small piles were banded during this procedure- nothing else was found. (pls note the pain began BEFORE the piles were discovered and banded) The internal ultrasound showed a couple of small fibroids which I was advised shouldnt be causing any trouble.
Anyhow- since then (Sept 09) i have experienced (on almost a daily basis) this pressure in the anus. It feels like a pressure is building up and up, and just generally feels like a dull throbbing ache. This is sometimes accompanied by sharp anal pains and just a feeling on persistant, general discomfort. I have been put on anti-spasmodics and hormones but they are not working. This pain/pressure is there all day, most days. it does not stop me sleeping, but is very obvious during waking hours. My bowel movements vary as i have IBS- and sometimes experience small "paper" cuts on the outer anal skin, which doc does not think related to the other problems. I have no obvious bleeding. I dont experience the anal itch as much as i did, but still do occasionally.
This is driving me mad-the proctoscopy was negative apart from the piles.......what else could be causing this? I have high anxiety levels and im starting to wonder if I am manifesting these symptoms myself!!!
Its hard to believe that there is not a reason for these symptoms being present- i will be due back at the docs when my tablets end in around 5 weeks and dont know if I should ask for a further proctoscopy to be done. what is the likelyhood of anything being missed/misdiagnosed during these proceures?
please help!!
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The pain in the anus can be due to anal sex (causing a tear inside), fissures or due to infection. It could also be due to an abscess. Infected piles is another possibility. At times such a pain is due to compression of spinal nerves. Infection with herpes simplex virus can also be another cause. It is difficult to comment without examination. Since everything else is ruled out, get your herpes simplex status checked and consult a neurologist. IBS too can cause anal pain.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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