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periosteal reaction, pubic bone pain, leg aches
A few weeks before my leg aches and groin tenderness started I developed a lump on my groin area (just above the crease at the top of the inner thigh, on the vulva area) I thought it was probably just an ingrown hair that had become infected. The lump was initially red and swollen, about the size of a pea, very sore to touch or when my underwear rubbed against it. After about a week it was much less painful and it was just a hard, moveable lump so I went to the Doctor to have it checked out. The doctor said it could be a swollen gland or an ingrown hair but ordered an ultrasound to check it out. The ultrasounds showed up a small mass (see original ultrasound). When I went back to the doctor the lump had disappeared but I was experiencing tenderness in the groin/pubic bone area and some aches down my right hand leg (sometimes dull constant aches and sometimes sharp aches). The doctor then referred me to a gynecologist who examined me and told me there was nothing wrong with me related to gynecology. (The lump was completely gone by this stage) Still experiencing groin tenderness I went back to the doctor and he referred me to a general surgeon who examined me for a possible hernia. Further ultrasounds showed nothing at all. “No soft tissue damage, everything looks normal” they told me. The general surgeon prescribed me anti inflammatory drugs which I took for two weeks but the tenderness/ discomfort didn’t go away. I went back to a different doctor who prescribed antibiotics in case it was an infection of some sort. I took the antibiotics but the tenderness/ aches continued. I had given up hope and confidence that I was ever going to get these issues correctly diagnosed so I just put up with the aches and discomfort.
After 3 doctors’ visits and 2 specialist visits, they had all convinced me that the lump was completely unrelated to my leg pains and that the leg pains were probably just muscle overuse.  

After some more internet searching I decided to go back and see a doctor for another opinion on my symptoms. Dr ******, Did a physical examination and ordered x-rays on my pelvis and spine. These showed a possible periosteal reaction of my proximal right femur. Dr ****** has ordered a bone scan and a ct scan on my right leg.

I have since been researching on the internet and have come across some information relating to bone infections, in particular bone infections that have occurred due to the staphylococcus bacteria. Could the lump have been an infected hair follicle that went untreated and produced the staphylococcus bacteria to be passed into my system/bones??



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