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please take the time to help me figure this out before it gets bad agai...
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please take the time to help me figure this out before it gets bad again

2 years ago i had a white-ish discharge in my private area (male) but urinalysis was negative. A week after the discharge cleared up on its own I had light back pain and groin pain. Within a month or 2 the back and groin pain progressed into something unbearable. I was basically immobilized, it took an incredible amount of effort just to get dressed to try to see doctors - even rolling over in bed was near impossible. My groin felt like it was pulled, and my back - well imagine having needles inserted every millimeter in the muscles of the mid-region and just leaving them there. Moving was awful. Doctor after doctor couldn't find anything wrong with me, blood or urine. Thinking back, some other 'issues' or symptoms I had either at this time or around this time were: waking up soaked in sweat, slight pain in testicles upon touch, a rash on my private (under the tip, went undiagnosed but was cured with the same stuff that cures psoriasis), frequent urination, extreme sensitivity to light, a coming and going pain in my right forefinger so i couldn't twist anything with my hand, loss of hair on my feel and calves, waking up WAY more tired than when I went to bed...and probably one or 2 that I'm not recalling. I know some probably are related and some might not be. Making the diagnosis more difficult. I also at some point after the initial white discharge had a very unnerving, very green one for a few days. I don't remember for sure if this was immediately before it got severe but I think it was. Anyway, one doctor diagnosed me with spondylytic arthritis but the second-opinion-doctor I saw disagreed, and I believe x-rays showed no signs of whatever it was supposed to show. Plus, I'm not sure this explains the wide range of other symptoms including groin pain which I'm pretty positive is related. The pain slowly faded and for the past year I have been fine and almost forgot about it. Until earlier this month - another discharge. No sex for months. Urinalysis negative, blood tests negative. No STDs or whatever else they test for. I even freaked out this Friday and went to the ER after researching online and coming across kidney infection - it seemed to match all my symptoms, but again - urinalysis, blood tests, and sonograms all "unremarkable." The same exact thing is happening again, discharge for a week (white, very slight burning, no smell, but itchy in the perennium (i think it's called that) area, clears up on its own - no antibiotics, then my lower back starts hurting, and now it has moved into the middle and is getting a little worse every day. No groin pain this time, but it's pretty clear what is going to happen to me if I don't figure this out. I'm looking anywhere I can for help. What could be wrong with me if all these tests are negative?? I'm wondering if it could be prostate related, cancer related, something really rare, a toxin, maybe even weight lifting supplements i took hurting my kidneys (creatine and protein) but how could that explain everything?? I also coincidentally stopped lifting a month before this onset occurred and was pain free so i'm hesitant to even suggest that - I don't know. If you have any suggestions I can make to my doctor to check into if all else fails, a specialist i should see, antything - please make them.
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Having read your list of symptoms, I need to pass on awareness of the effects of iron overload, and the fact that you say you've taken weight lifting supplements triggered my interest, as I am thinking as far as I can remember they are fortified with iron as well as other stuff.

Please check this out if nothing else to eliminate the possibility of iron overload...my husband was just diagnosed last month, 57 and had many many of the same symptoms for 10 years before dr accidentally came across this.

Irondisorders.org is a really good place to start looking. Yes, the prostate is involved, and rashes and skin manifestations, and loss of hair on limbs, just to mention a couple of the things, as well as sweating, abdominal pain. All early warning signs of iron overload.

He has the genetic form of Hereditary Hemochromatosis...he also has stage 2 periportal fibrosis in his liver from the damage it does to organs, joints, tissues. Arthritic pain in knuckles, knees, feet, hips very common and earliest signs of a problem...

Hope this might help, others may think I am a broken record, but so many are walking around with this silent killer it's called and dr are missing it and are uneducated. I vowed to promote awareness of this as much and when I can, to prevent someone from having the same outcome as my husband and his dad who died of congestive heart failure, and had colon cancer from iron...

This is a deadly disease when undetected and untreated.
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