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pneumonia shot reaction?
3 days ago I got the pneumonia, flu and hepatitis shot. Starting the next morning I started developing flu-like symptoms, that progressively got worst. The symptoms include a high fever (101-104 degrees), severe muscle and joint pains, vomiting/unable to keep down liquids, sore throat, migraine, etc. I went to the doctor Friday morning and was given tamiflu and told that they would tell me in two days whether or not I had the flu. That night I went to the hospital after a full day of almost a 104 fever. I was given an iv, some medicine and told that i didn't have the flu. They came to the conclusion, after numerous tests, that they didn't know what i had, but that i had a high white blood count meaning I had a infectious somewhere in my body. I didn't realize till today that the arm were i got the pneumonia shot is extremely swollen. I could barely move most of that arm since Friday morning. I mentioned the vaccines to both the doctor and the hospital and no even looked into me possible having a reaction to the vaccines, so I feel slightly ignored about what I think is wrong. I didn't mention the swollen arm at the hospital because I was wasn't think straight with the fever i had, and I am only now really starting to think what I am dealing with is a reaction.

To note, I am 18 and this past winter, after suffering from pneumonia, a tumor was discovered in my lung. This summer I got the benign tumor and a small part of my lung removed. I have an 8 inch scar that lately has been having random pain, which could be due to the nerves coming back.

My question is whether or not what is causing my sickness is a reaction to the pneumonia shot, or perhaps a reaction to a combination of all the shots? Or perhaps is there possibly something else that would cause me to be so sick, taking into account my lung surgery? Can a reaction to a vaccine cause your white blood counts to be high? I am currently on antibiotics, and while the fever is slightly down and I'm not as nauseous, my arm is still very swollen and I'm extremely weak with a headache, what should i be taking or doing to get better. At what time should I return to the doctor?

Sorry if this post is extremely long, I wanted to detail everything because I've been to the doctor and hospital and I am not sure what to do now.
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