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polyps, ear pressure, joint stiffness and pain
About 8 years ago I developed throat polyps. The ENT said she had never seen a throat like mine before, but just keep an eye on them and if they get bigger come back. They have not gotten bigger, I do have more now though. About 5 years ago I developed a feeling of pressure in my left ear. There is no fluid and no infection. It is constant. I can pop my ear and it immedietly returns. The last ENT I saw did a hearing test and said that I have superior hearing. He attributed the feeling at first to my "superior hearing" and said it was a phenomena for people with such great hearing. I reiterated that the feeling was constant, not from the natural build up of pressure in the ear that is released when swallowing or yawning. He then said I have TMJ. ( My jaw does not pop when I chew nor do I have jaw pain.)  I wear the night guard and I took ibuprophen twice a day as he instructed. No change. All together I have seen 10 doctors. They all seem to just blow me off and are not interested in finding the cause or more importantly a cure. They all say my ear looks normal. I recently developed joints stiffness and pain and my vision becomes cloudy and blurred intermittently. I originally thought that I may have a polyp in my ear canal, but the doctors all say my ear is normal. I don't know if the new symptoms could be related or not.
Any ideas?
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