possible broken knuckle
by jasons mom, Jun 25, 2007
my son punched a door. he seems to have messed up the knuckle above his pinky finger. what can i do to help. do i need to take him to get an x ray. what can a doctor do for him if anything.
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by cat33, Jun 29, 2007
It wasen't long ago I was a Jasons Mom . Rushing him to the Dr. or hospital for X-rays every time he punched a door or a wall out of frustration. They would usually tell us it was a fracture give him a sling and send us home. The sling would'nt last longer than an hour maybe a day if he had a test in school. It's a judgement call on your part.In the mean time put it on ice. He will grow out of the punching stage. Hang in there. Brandons Mom
by looloo963, Apr 07, 2008
I recently punched a wall out of anger much like your son. I have alot of swelling and bruising arouynd 3 of my knuckles, and pain when straightening or clencing my fist. Is is sore and spongy to touch.

Do you know if i may have broken it?

by laydee_legs, Apr 22, 2008
there is no need to worry. i am always punching walls and breaking knuckles. they heal eventually by themselves. there is nothing that the doctors can do for broken knuckles. all they can say is dont put pressure on it. i could tel you that and i aint even a doctor. andrea
by biglou1, Oct 11, 2008
i recently lost my cool and punched a wall and went into the stud.  my palm is bruised and i cant really move my hand from side to side.  the plus is that i can open and close my hand without much pain, but when lifting or any pressure it hurts towards the back of my hand.  the thing that really concerns me is my ring and pinky knucle look like they sunk in, it just looks really flat.  i dont currently have insurance so im trying to avoid the doc, but does anyone know if i really really need to get myself checked out or can this heal on its own. and by the way when i make a fist the knuckles come back up. please send some advice
by Mel_B, Oct 15, 2008
My whole arm was in plaster once because I had broken a knuckle, even today it causes me quite excessive pain if I overuse that hand.

I was 18 at the time, I am now 45 and there is more than a definite distortion of that knuckle and forefinger.

When young we think 'bah' and shrug it off, it isn't until we reach the ripe age of suffering arthritis that we fully understand the importance of getting any bone injury seen to when it happens.

Get it checked out!  After a recent break to the elbow, the fracture guy was overly concerned about the distortion of my forefinger and knuckle and despite me telling him I had fractured that knuckle many years ago, he still insisted I had it x-rayed as he was convinced it was due to my recent accident.

Never under estimate a break or fracture - you will suffer for it in later life.

Mine is jeoperdising my career as I am finding it more and more difficult to grip with that hand AND that is after the correct treatment of the fractured knuckle at the time.

by Travizzle, Dec 24, 2008
.. Ok Im A Lil Worried Here .. I Wasnt Stupid And Punched A Door .. Couse Thats Nonsense .. Sorry To Affend Any One .. About 3 days ago on my way back from my friends house we wher driving .. and as i was getting ready to turn on my street and looked in my rear view to c some *** hole coming about 60 miles up on my *** .. so i stomped the gass made the guy follow me to my house .. come to find out he was some drunk .. cracked out loser .. just thinking it was all a game .. we knew he was drunk so we tried to pull the man out of his car .. so he wouldnt hurt any one with his aggresive driving  .. as we wher doin this the guy desides to throw his car in drive and rear end my car .. i just snapped .. i grabbed the guy buy the neck and started punching him with my left hand .. i hit the 3 times .. one of those times i cought a tooth to my middle knuckle .. my hole hand has been swollen for 3 days .. and its kinda freaken me out .. im just asken if this is normal? i have a 8 month little girl and i cant even pick her up couse of the entense pain ..so any one please tell me whats up
by Blz_it, Feb 11, 2009
You probably broke your hand..... Go see a doc.
by caregiver222, Feb 11, 2009
First of all, you have to take him to a physician. If he is a minor, failure to take him to a physician is a criminal offense and grounds for adult protective services to be involved in your family affairs. If I was a school nurse and a child informed me his mother did not take him to a physician I would be mandated by law to notify adult protective services. That being said, an x-ray is prudent. Yes these injuries generally heal bu themselves, however failure to obtain prompt medical attention may result in a loss of range of motion.
by caregiver222, Feb 11, 2009
You probably have an infection and need immediate treatment. I would not relate your "story" to those in the emergency room. What you committed was an unjustifiable assault, and your post on the internet, if he ever sees it, will make your attorney gag, and will be good for at least six months in the slammer for you.

That being said, do three haily mary's, and make a vow to control your temper next time, make up a story about a fight while you were "fooling around" and get this problem taken care of.