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possible groin strain?
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possible groin strain?


I am 25 year old male. I am having this problem for the last 12 weeks. I all started 3 months back when I felt slight discomfort in my left scrotum. After 2 such weeks it increased when I was driving car for hours together .The pain level I would say was 2 in the scale of 10, 10 being the highest. And immediately after that I visited a emergency medical clinic. The doctor took a testicular ultrasound scan and said that there is nothing wrong with the testicles. The doctors ruled out any testicle abnormalities like torsion cancer etc.

I visited a urologist after this and he again read the scan reports and did tests for hernia and also took a urine test. He ruled out urinary problems and also hernia. He suspected a muscle strain and prescribed me alleve for next 2 weeks. After this the discomfort had been intermitent for following 6 weeks. The symptoms did also change. In this period I started to feel the discomfort get into the left inner thigh. I would call these discomforts (rather than pain) pulling sensations. But I had these once in every 2 to 3 days.

After this the symptoms got pretty constant when I was driving a car and again I visited the urologist and he referred me to a sports medicine specialist. The Sports medicine specialist took X rays of my left abdomen and thigh and said that the X rays were fine. And looking at my symptoms told me it could be a muscle stain or a sports hernia. And gave me muscle relaxant medicine for the following two weeks. The sports medicine specialist also told me that he will take a MRI if the problem persists.

But for these two weeks there hasn't been much improvement. Whenever I do any work like walking or bending twisting for some time I start to feel the discomfort  and when I just relax by lying down or sit on a couch the discomfort just goes of in minutes and also warm and cold pack compressions in the groin region also helps me get rid of these discomfort quickly. These are no swellings or visible changes in the area. Also the discomfort not always occur in both in the inner thigh and the left scrotum simultaneously as a regular pattern. Sometimes it happens in both parts, some times in just one part. Its just random.

I am planning to go for the MRI to see what exactly is the problem. I haven't been involved in any regular sports of late for the last 5-6 months and I didn't have any injury that I could recollect which could have caused this.

The long duration of this problem without any known exact reason so far is bothering me a lot. I am currently away from my home country and it still make me worry. I know the answers here are not a substitute for a qualified medical doctors diagnosis, but your answers could help me consider my further actions to diagnosis my problem and treat it.

Can a muscle strain cause these symptoms and can it last this long with these type of irregular discomforts?

Or is there any other reasons that could be possible for my discomfort like a spinal/nerve problem? I dont have any back pains. What other possibilities should I consider so that may be I can consult the specific medical specialists.

Could MRI scan will be able to diagnosis my problem. If it is a muscle/ligament/tendon tear/strain what treatment will be needed. Does it require a surgery.

I am sorry for such a long post. Please I would be really grateful if somebody can help me with these.

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I have the same symptoms for a few weeks now. Have you had a diagnosis yet?
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It is right that muscle strain can cause such symptoms,but reading the duration of these symptoms,muscle strain is an unlikely diagnosis.If it is a muscle strain then,application of warm compresses,non steroidal antiinflammatories and oral anti-inflammatory drugs bring relief.

Various possibilities are there for such kind of symptoms. Testicular pain can be due to injury, infection (Epididymitis or Orchitis) or inflammation, testicular torsion -- most common in young men between 10 and 20 years old, excessive bicycle riding, hernia or kidney or ureteric stones(already ruled out in your case).

The final diagnosis can only be made after a thorough physical examination including examination of the abdomen, scrotum, testicles and rectum.Pls consult a surgeon for that.

Lab investigations like complete blood examination, urine examination, ultrasound lower abdomen and sometimes a urethral swab will help in diagnosis. Treatment will be started thereafter.Hernias are to be dealt surgically.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts.

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