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post-op complications of ulnar nerve transposition
I've had Ulnar never transposition surgery to correct cubital tunnel syndrome in sep 2005, since then the complications have abounded, six months after the operation an EMG reveiled no improvement, I was shortly thereafter was diagnosed and treated with ganglion block shots for RSD. I am still feeling chronic pain in the areas of the hand and arm associated with the Ulnar nerve served areas, though my RSD symptoms have significantly imporved as a result of the shot, I believe they may be starting again with some swelling and periodic bouts of moderate pain. My arm is in agony following even the mildest forms of exertion. I have since last summer lost my medical insurance coverage and am currently without coverage, I plan on pursuing state health insurance at low pay or no cost. I was hoping that I could be guided as to the best coarse of action I might take to aleviate my condition. Should I consider corrective surgery if scar tissue is involved? I am 27 years old and my functiong has been severly hampered, I also have lingering tendonitis in my other arm which hasn't been so bad, but the more I exert it as compensation for my left arm I fear a severe relapse. I much appreciate any efforts expended on my behalf.
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