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pressure in nose area/forehead
I feel a pressure in my nose and frontal area. It feels like tightness rather than pain, as if the balance in pressure is not correct.

At times i can feel and hear a pop of air, i think in nose, possibly close to eyes.

3 months ago I experienced a moderate to severe headache in the plane during decent, could this have modified some pressures?

After the flight i had a sinus infection, this was 2 months ago but it was cleared.

I went to see a sinus specialist with scans, he did not advise surgery because the scans only revealed mild to moderate thickening in all sinuses without blocking the drainage and concluded the pressures may not be related to sinuses.

This left me puzzled, I even had a detailed magnetic scan done of my whole head and everything was fine.  

So here i am living with this wierd pressure disbalance, I think that sleeping eases it and stress worsens it but then again sleep helps everything and stress worsens everything so i don t know if i should stick with that solution.

I do have elevated stresses at the moment though.

Anyone with similar experience, in plane? or nature of pressure? Anyone knows what else but sinuses can cause pressures?

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