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problems with body temperature
I am a 35 year old female. I have a history of arrythmias. I have a hard time in the summer with my body's internal thermometer. I no longer feel overheated until I have the classic signs of heat exhaustion; nausea and dizziness. There are no warning signs up until that point. I never actually feel overheated. My thyroid and adrenal glands have been ruled out and I always stay very well hydrated because dehydration aggrivated my arrythmias. My question is if there is anything that could be causing this condition and if there is a name for it?

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There is an infection that could cause you condition. It is called bartonella. My husband, son and myself have it. We contracted it when we got lyme disease. You do not have to have lyme disease to have this infection. Bartonella is also very difficult to test for. The bartonella infection caused me to have serious heart palpitations, fainting, and problems with regulating my bodies thermostat.
Do you suffer with any of these symptoms.
        sore feet in the morning after putting your foot to the floor,
                   in the evening after a long day or anytime.
        sore muscles
        sore joints or stiffness in the joints
        depression or unusually emotional
        bone pain
        unexplained sores
        burning feet, hands or any other area of the body
        feel fatigued
        feel more thirsty then usual
        headaches especially around the temples or behind the eyes
        overly warm - overly cold
        extremeties are cold
        night sweats
        red streak like rash, doesn't itch - looks a lot like spider veins.

If you have quite a few of these symptoms you should get checked for this infection. Bartonella can suppress the immune system terribly causing other problems. You could also run fever and not show it on the thermometer because bartonella decreases the bodies normal temperature. If you want any more info you can message me.
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