random bruising
by alee_, Dec 30, 2008
I've been getting this small random bruises on my legs lately and i have no idea where they are coming from. they   dont hurt and just go away after a couple of days. ive also had a loss of appetite and been nauseous for the passed month, what could this be?
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by Dr. Kokil MathurBlank, Dec 30, 2008
Thanks for writing to the forum!
If you are not on any medications like anticoagulants or birth control pills then this could be due to clotting disorders, fragile spider veins, deep vein thrombus, deficiency of Vitamin B12, folic acid, or Vit K, a liver disease or certain cancers. If you are on medications then you need to discuss that with your doctor.
You need a comprehensive investigation taking all these points in consideration. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining. Please discuss this with your doctor and get yourself investigated accordingly.  Do let me know if there is any thing else you want to know. Take care!
by Pum, Dec 30, 2008
I get these from exertion. For me they are small blood vessels bursting. I've had this for years. See if it ties in with running or straining.

Take care.