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reocurring flu-like symptoms
Hello.  I am 17 and female.  About every month for the past 3 months I have been getting the same severe flu-like symptoms.   I learned how to detect when it's about to happen because I start feeling really tired, my head hurts, and my body aches.  The day after that it gets really bad.  I usually don't get out of bed because even my legs hurt.  Every time I sit up my head starts pounding, it's so severe I try to avoid moving.  It even hurts behind my eyes.  But majority of the pain comes from my right kidney area.  My lower right back, but it shoots up to under my right shoulder blade.  They don't always occur at the same time.  Also, under my right breast, the liver I believe, there's a reocurrent throbbing pain.  That usually wraps around to my back too.  
     These symptoms usually last for about 3 days then go away, until the next month. Except for the first time they started happening, I think that lasted almost two weeks and was the most severe.  I honestly thought I was dying. I have been to the doctors for it twice but they kept telling me it was a UTI.  Which I don't think it was because why would it keep coming back? It's getting really severe and I'm kind of scared it's something serious.  I can't very well go to the doctors again because we currently don't have any medical insurance.  

Is it possible to have liver damage at such a young age?  Or something related to drinking?  I started when I was 14.

All help is greatly appreciated,
Thank you.
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There are many possibilities for your symptoms like gall bladder disease,lung pathologies,pelvic inflammatory disease,ovarian cysts and inflammatory bowel disease esp Crohn’s disease,but I feel that the possibilities which need serious evaluation are alcoholic liver disease,hepatitis(due to your history of alcohol intake and site of pain),recurrent UTI’s(due to the site of origin of pain) and infectious mononucleosis(Infectious mononucleosis can lead to splenic and liver enlargement which can cause this kind of pain).

Women are more affected by alcohol and show alcohol liver disease easily.This is because women break down alcohol more slowly than men because there is a smaller amount of alcohol metabolizing enzyme (alcohol dehydrogenase) in the stomach of women. Alcohol intake also causes stomach,heart,liver and kidney diseases and alcohol myopathy which can be related to your aches.

I feel that a hepatologist’s or gynecologist’s consultation will be the best.Pls don’t stop taking alcohol suddenly as it may cause severe withdrawl reactions.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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