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right abdominal and flank pain with fatigue
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right abdominal and flank pain with fatigue

I have been wondering what is causing this discomfort for about 2 months.  then recently the pain worsened and has been waking me up from sleep. I have been very tired and in bed a lot in the last 2 weeks.  I went to the physician and they ordered an ultrasound to be done, i'm still waiting for the results but it has been several days and usually if nothing is wrong they take longer to get back to u with the info.  What could it be?
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Upper or lower abdominal?

I have upper. Five years ago they thought it might be gall bladder problems by bloodwork, but 2 ultrasound were inconclusive. Then they thought it might be liver problems, most of which it wasn't. They've toyed with the idea of nerve problems, blocked ducts around the liver, other kinds of stones, parasites, digestive problems, and plain intestinal gas. When I have pain in my upper abdomen, I also have pain in my hip/pelvis/lower back on the same side, and I've been extremely fatigued, with muscle weakness and some odd issues with my circulation cutting off in my arms while I sleep. They've looked at most of the usual suspects of arthritis. The bloodwork leads them in all kinds of directions, so it could really be anything.

If it's lower, on the other hand, it could possibly be cysts, or cystic tissue. That can get into all kinds of places, and flank pain can keep you up for sure. Could be lymph nodes draining continually, fairly common I think. Or diverticulitis. Could be a small hernia. Could be a kidney issue, or passing a very, very small stone that's taking forever, or even a bladder stone.

If they haven't called you in a week, call them.
It's possible it's a busy time of the year, what with school starting and the big rush to get in those yearly visits before September, and no ones had a chance to review the images yet.

I had an MRI done of my abdomen and liver almost two months ago, and not a dang person has bothered to call me to even tell me it's fine (I'm sure it probably is).
Call ofc for results to be viewed by Dr since you are still hurting & anxiety is making it worse. Many on staff at ofc's
just toss on a stack instead of bringing report to Dr's Attn.
Never assume ok if no call. Lab may have forgotten to fax the
report. Stay on top & also get your own copies. You are as
important as the next patient. If lower rt, it could be
appendix? Dr. may not know his staff is delaying call backs.
I have one of those ofc's. I went to lab that did a brain mri
& signed out report 3 days later. Ofc said they were still
waiting for it. Reports are dated the day read & faxed to ofc.
They called me 3 weeks later & said 'just got it'. Never told
them! Be nice but insist someone locates to be signed off on
calling. They must initial who & date you were notified. I also
had a blood report mis-filed & never called. It was finally
found when I called a week later. A script had been waiting for
me at pharmacy. It was called in & filed away wrong. It was
pharmacy that alerted me. Be your own advocate. Gd-luck.
I had a baby 8 mo. ago, and during my pregancy, I had kidney stones. I passed my last one during labor. Since then, I have had excruciating right flank pain that has ended me in the emergency 3 times since her birth. The pain is so bad I can not even reach down as far as my knees. I mentioned my mother having had gall stones, but they have down ct scans on my kidney. The doctor said the gall stones would have showed. They even used contrast. I also do not have pain that shoots through to the abdomen. All the doctors do is give me enough pain medicine for a few days and send me on my way. All they are doing is treating the symptom, pain, and sending me to the next clown. No doctor has even tried to get to the source of the pain. We are financially burdened, because of  the medical bills, besides the fact i am hardly able to work. Somebody please help, and do not blame my baby. She is the best. She only weighs 13 pounds, and she has slept through the night from 2 weeks old. Plus I even went the pschycologist route. She told me she can't help me. It doesn't seem to be postpardum. I never had this before. I am desperate for some help. I live in Baltimore. It feels like the hospital capitol, but still no one can help.
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